Wednesday, 9 September 2015

BloodBowl Match - Lustrian Snake Queens vs Morgs Raiders

Our wargaming club has just started its 10th Anniversary Blood Bowl League and one of the ideas was to have coaches bring back their very first team (also new and old players could just start with a new team) I decided to bring back my Amazon team - The Lustrian Snake Queens.

This 10th League was going to be a tough slog with some very high team valued Chaos and Necromantic teams, very highly skilled Elven and Skaven teams as well as some tough Human, Norse and Lizardmen teams.

My first conference game was against a brand new Undead Starter team who would be bringing Ramtut and Hack en Slash Star Players to the pitch as inducements.

The weather was nice, the fans were screaming for carnage and the commentators were lets play BLOODBOWL!!!!!

The Undead win the toss and elect to kick, and Blitz the Snake Queens straight from the off. Hack en Slash runs directly towards an Amazon Blitzer and stuns her with his chainsaw.

Recovering from the quick actions of the Undead, the Snake Queens charge into the Raiders and take out Hack en Slash in revenge. Ramtut steams downfield and covers the Amazon Thrower, a Mummy blitzes but just pushes his opponent.

The Snake Queens manoeuvre around the pitch and down a Mummy. The Thrower dodges away from Ramtut, collects the ball and launches a long pass into the waiting arms of a Catcher. The Catcher dashes in the direction of the Undead endzone. A Blitzer tries to crunch a Ghoul but double skulls and the Undead take the advantage.

A few hits go in from the Raiders but they cannot match the Amazon catcher for speed and she dances merrily into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 1-0 to the Snake Queens.

The Amazons kick off and the ball goes high and a Ghoul gets underneath it but fails the catch, scooping the ball up on its second attempt the Ghoul makes a move to put in a pass but realises it is out of range.

The Amazons pile into the Undead and a Wight gets taken off the pitch KO’d. A Snake Queens Catcher dashes towards the ball carrying Ghoul and Strips the Ball clear, followed up by a Blitzer who controls the loose ball.

With the Undead reeling and unsure what to do, they see one of their Ghouls taken down and CAS’d whilst the Snake Queens score again just at the end of the half TOUCHDOWN 2-0!!

Both teams run back out onto the pitch and second half is underway. The Amazons kick the ball and whilst it is in the air they set up a Perfect Defence. The Undead players smash into the Snake Queens line but only manage to push a few players around. In reply a Blitzer dodges through some Zombies and takes out a Ghoul causing another CAS.

Collecting the ball the Raiders try and cage players around the ball carrier but the Snake Queens blitz and KO the Ghoul carrying the ball. The ball bounces loose but no one can catch it and it finally comes to rest on the pitch.

A huge scum in the middle of the pitch takes place with both teams trying to get someone available to control the ball. A Zombie finally somehow comes up from the seething mass of players with the ball but its quickly loose again as the Zombie is smashed to the ground and the Amazons pick the ball up.

During the scrum a Mummy managed to KO a Blitzer but its too little too late as the Raiders watch the deft Snake ladies slither round the pitch and launch the ball downfield, again easily caught and run in again for the Snake Queens to Score TOUCHDOWN 3-0.

The whistle blows and the game is over. The Raiders have been soundly beaten and it’s been a painful lesson and welcome to the league.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran, although my poor opponent was fairly new to the game and had a starting team. Some tougher matches coming up soon.

  2. Still my favourite game from GW. Unfortunately no other players in our club. Many thanks for bringing those memories back with your nice report.

    And by the way a very nice set of miniatures for your serpent amazons. What company are they from?