Wednesday, 3 June 2015

UK Games Expo 2015

Another year another Games Expo. This year though I could only attend the Saturday as the weekend was also SWMBO birthday and I had only just earnt enough brownie points for one day out haha.

As per last year I was working with GCT Studios, demoing their fantastic Oriental Fantasy Skirmish Game - Bushido. Helping me was Richard Bowker, a cracking bloke I have known for a while now and we had an excellent day running loads of demos and persuding lots of people to part with their cash for Bushido goodness!

Because I was mostly on the GCT stand, I did not get out and about round the Expo too much but I did manage to catch up with Karl at Crooked Dice's stand Gav at Tor Gaming and picked up my pre-order Ridend (new faction for Relics) and managed to get a couple of pics of the Cosplay crew wandering around the Hilton Hotel.

I also took my lunch break to sit down with the guys from Wings of War Aerodrome and had a couple of games flying a Fokker Dr1 Triplane.

My first flight didnt even see me complete a 3 movement card turn as I ran right into the sights of a Sopwith Camel and its first shot at me caused me to draw the Kaboom card! shot down immediately. Re-Spawning I gunned my engine and gained height, before diving down on the said Camel, opeing up with my twin-Spandaus and sending the beligerant Camel spiralling down into the ground in revenge.

After this brief sortie it was back to demoing before leaving the Expo when the doors closed to the public and returning home to take the Wife out for Birthday tea.

I had an absolute blast all day and look forward to next year as I will be attending the whole 3 days.

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