Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Shattered Crown by Dead Earth Games

A new game that will be coming to Kickstarter around June. Dead Earth Games, the designers behind the successful Post Apocalyptic skirmish game Across the Dead Earth are looking at producing a fantsy battle game system call The Shattered Crown.

Brummie has done a fantastic blog post about this game and some stuff here has been used/adapted/duplicated (with permission)

Click link below for his post.

Official Synopsis

"Inspired equally by the historical conflicts and political intrigues of Britain in the 13th-16th centuries and the magic, mystery and adventure of Arthurian legend, The Shattered Crown combines the feel of fielding historical armies with none of the restrictions. Want to create your own Lord, Coat of Arms and Liveries? Go ahead! Want to add a little cinematic heroism with characters of legendary skill and bravery? Get stuck in! Want to outsmart your opponent, leading him to think you're attacking on one flank when actually you're about to unleash a lightning storm against his cavalry? The Shattered Crown's unique activation system, utilising cards and bluffing, plus the extensive spell book, will allow you to do this and much more. Best of all, there's no need to spend hundreds of pounds and hours putting together an epic force that needs a table fit for Arthur to play across, as The Shattered Crown allows you to field any size force from only a few units upwards - with a rich backstory of unfolding civil war to embed it in".

Two factions have been developed so far, the Khra and Hellesburne houses and like, Across the Dead Earth, The Shattered Crown focuses on campaign play, allowing advancement and complete personalisation of every unit in your army, including its leaders and unit commanders.

The Kickstarter will obviously help develop and produce the ruleset as well as specific miniatures for each faction. Prototypes have been done of a few miniatures and there are a host of pics to be found on the facebook group. Sculpted by the very talented Russ Charles, who works for Clockwork Goblin. He has also done miniatures for games like Guildball and Tor Gamings Relics.

The Shattered Crown is an Open Group on Facebook, so click the link and get yourself involved.
Link to the Facebook Group (click me)

Khra Faction
King Aethor "The Spiteful"

Khra Mage
Khra Black Halbadier
Nave - Khra Princess

Khra Champion - Azael
Hellsburne Faction
King Aidan Hellsburne

Hellsburne Great Blades

Hellsburne Witch
Hellsburne Warbears!!

Hellsburne Hero - Draal the Head Collector
  Miniatures - Renders and Masters

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