Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Battle of Ickworth House - Napoleonic Reenactment

On the weekend just gone I attended the lovely National Trust Property Ickworth House situated close to Bury St Edmunds. A rather grand property with some fantastic grounds.

The main reason for visiting was that they were holding a Napoleonic reenactment weekend to celebrate the run up to the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo.

Numerous regiments were represented and even some Prussian Sileasian Landwehr took to the field alongside the French, to battle against the likes of the 95th Rifles (and the 60th) the 42nd Highlanders, numerous Redcoats and even some mounted Dragoons. Both sides included Artillery, with the British including Horse Artillery and Congreve Rockets (unfortunately these were not fired on the day)

Below are numerous pictures taken on the Sunday afternoon battle. The British won HUZZAH (which is only right)





  1. Looks like a good day.
    While I have never gotten into this period I do like the spectacle and the colourful uniforms. I am perhaps getting a little old for this sort of thing now, But I was a re enactor some years back.

  2. Cheers Clint, yeh it was a cracking day. I re enacted myself a fair few years ago. Not Napoleonics thought, I was in the Sealed Knot - English Civil War.