Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tor Gaming - Relics - Vaettir Force


I have a Relics Tournament at the end of March which is again being held in Worcester. This time round though I thought I would use a different faction to the Nuem which I entered the previous tournament with.

This time round I am taking Vaettir - basically these are evil, twisted fairies that are the main cause (in the games fluff) of the destruction caused upon the world and races of Relica.

Below are pictures of my force, built and ready to paint. They are fiddly little buggers and if I never have to build another Vaettir again I will be happy (says he who has gone and ordered more to fulfil my lead habit!!!)

Vaelad, spell slinging commander option

Huntawalu, Combat Beast Commander Option

Varriers, main troop option

Cwalu, sneaky shrouded death dealers

Cylod, ice blasting freeze merchants

Elvspon, elemental shards, add buffs to other units
Varbes, Whirlwind spinny slicey dicers

All the evil fairies