Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Malifaux 2E - Learning Game.

I have not played Malifaux for ages and certainly a long time before the new Second Edition rules came out, so I jumped at the chance to have a run out with my Ortega Crew when my friend Callum suggested a learning game to get our heads around the new edition.

Callum has put together a Frikorps crew run by Von Schill and had a few new additions that I had no idea what they did (hence learning)

Saying that after looking at the new cards for my Ortegas they were completely different to how I used to play them and things I could do before just weren't an option - should be fun.

We had an Encounter scenario amongst the ruins of the Quarantined Zone with a Line in the Sand and I chose the Scheme Bodyguard (Santiago) and Assassinate (kill the opposing leader). My Ortegas crew was made up of:

Enslaved Nephilim
Papa Loco (completely usless really as the Freikorp ignore blast damage etc)

Callums Freikorp had Von Schill, A Trooper. A Librarian. A trapper. A Strongarm and this large massive armoured beastie (unpainted - how dare he!!!)

Both sides set up in their deployment zones with Nino sticking with his family but the Freikorps Trapper decided to snag the central building.

Turn 1. Mostly movement into postion along with some buffs. Nino however snipes from the corner of the ruins he is hiding in and manages to kill the Freikorps Trapper who unfortunately hadn't realised he was wide open in the middle and not in cover!

Turn 2. Papa Loco moves up and chucks some dynamite and manages to damage the big beastie. Von Schill shoots at Abuela and damages her. Papa Loco takes some damage and pushes towards Von Schill.
Santiago and Nino let rip at Von Schill doing a few wounds but Shills armour keeps him standing.

The Freikorps Strongarm jumps in to smack Abuela and squashes her! Perdita guns down the Strong Arm. The Enslaved Nephilim attempts to cast influence on Papa Loco but fails.

Turn 3. Papa Loco charges the Freikorp troops but fluffs his hits and then gets hit and blows up! Santiago and Nino open up on the big beastie but couldn't kill it due to flipping a Black Joker.

Francisco attacks Shill and is mullered in turn.

Turn 4. The Ortegas focus all their attacks on Von Schill, chipping away at his amour and kill the Librarian to stop her healing flips. Perdita charges towards Von Schill and after a tense dual manages to finally kill the Freikorp leader. |running short on time we called the game. Callum had 3 VP for controlling Lines in the Sand and I had gained my two schemes,Santiago was alive and got his bodyguard and Perdita had killed Von Schill for the Assassinate.

Overall and good game, lots of rules that I still need to catch up on and hopefully the next game will flow quicker.

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