Wednesday, 11 February 2015

GZG Full Thrust NAC Fleet

Another small project that I will be working on from time to time. I have always liked the Full Thrust game from GZG but have never obtained any of the range for myself, always using someone else's models.

Now, thanks to a small trade, I have the starting's of a NAC fleet. The NAC or New Anglian Confederation are the amalgamation of British, American and Canadian with the Brits being the dominant ruling member.

Thunderer Battleship - Renown Battlecruiser - Tiger Strike Cruiser

2 Lancaster Light Cruisers - 2 Battleaxe Heavy Cruisers - Suffolk Escort Cruiser -

2 Tulsa Heavy Destroyers - 2 Tallahachie Destroyers - 2 Troutbridge Frigates - 5 Commanche Corvettes

Next on the shopping list is some Cambridge Torpedo Frigates, Achilles Heavy Frigate, Tacoma Heavy Frigate, Fearless and Midway Carriers as well as a few more Destroyers to make squadrons and a load of fighters.

Some of the stuff pictured will need to be stripped (when that will be im not sure but hopefully after a spending spree at Salute in April I will then crack on with these and an adversary fleet)

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