Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tor Gaming - Relics - New Faction, Nuem

As I usually do, I have left it extreamly late to get myself organised for a tournament. This time its for Tor Gamings wonderful game Relics. I have prior experience with this game, coming second place in a previous tournament using the Britanan (puppets) faction.

This time the tournament is being held by Worcester Wargames and I am going to use a new faction - Nuem. These guys are pain loving dwarves with awesome battlesuits and a penchant for chains!

My adorable little Sado-Masochists

Specialis Pueri and Paenitentiam


Degener and Metus Dedicatus
Auxilium Concursus and Auxilium Sagittarius
Now the tournament is on the 18th Jan 2015 - time to blister my fingers with frenzied painting!!!

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