Monday, 17 November 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front - Wargames Club Starter game

This game was played by my two good friends Nick S and Nick A at our wargames club in Huntingdon UK. I saw the All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter and it looked like it was extreamly succesful - alot of new models and such have been released and available to buy, but as yet I have seen very little blogged or online in the way of people playing it.

So it was great to see the two Nick's trying out a starter battle.

Nick A had 3 x Martian Assault Walker and Nick S had a load of US Tanks with stands of HMGs, Infantry units, Roughriders on motorbikes and a Command Unit. Each Infantry unit had a forlorn hope section that could assault the Martians.
The US troops also had a rule where they can spend command tokens to bring back destoyed units as reinforcements. However, all this didnt make much difference as the Alien Death Machines heat rayed everything in front of them and march on with their invasion relentlessly.

Martian Advance

Civilians run for their lives

Infantry cautiously move into position

Armoured attack

Armour flank the Martians

Heat Ray disintergrates poor soldiers

Enter the Roughriders

Battle is fierce

Command call for reinforcements

The Martians victorious continue the invasion


  1. I saw a demo game being run at Warfare in Reading at the weekend. It looked fun

    1. The game is really fun and alot more involved as you add to the different forces.

  2. It does look a great game. Have seen a few bits people have done on facebook. Not my cup of tea though. Have you been converted?

    1. The game is great from the brief outlook iv had of it. I have not played anything yet but have bought into the starter set and the hardback rulebook (which is fantastic if only just for the fluff)