Tuesday, 11 November 2014

7th Voyage - Jason and the Argonauts AAR

Its been a while since this game took place but I have been snowed under with work and not had much time to blog (seems to be a regular thing at the mo)

A friend of mine Alex has been after a game of 7TV for a while and I thought I would offer something slightly different with another of Crooked Dice's systems 7TH Voyage. This system is near identical to 7TV but is set in the stop motion film and tv era of Ray Harryhausen amongst others.

So I set up a Jason and the Argonauts game with the scenario of recovering the Golden Fleece. I mishmashed it abit as anyone who has seen the film will know the fleece is protected by the Hydra. Well I havnt got a Hydra painted yet so laid out some temple terrain which housed the fleece and pitted the Argonauts against King Aeetes and his skeletons (mishmashed see as thats a completely different scene in the film

Alex took the Argonauts with Jason, an Argonaut and some veterans whilst I took the Colchis crew of King Aeetes with his warriors and some skeleton warriors that could be summoned.

 The two forces advance on each other

The Argonauts prepare to claim the Golden Fleece

Archers take the high ground

Colchis Warriors prepare to defend the ruins

Clash at the temple

The Argonauts gain the fleece whilst the Veterans attack the Colchis Warriors and wipe most of them out

King Aeetes finally summons his undead soldiers to attack the Argonauts, whilst a Veteran charges in and takes out the archers

Whilst the Skeletons are engaging the Veterans King Aeetes cast Pillar of Wrath on Jason

Pillar of Wrath causes Jason and an Argonaut to catch fire

More Skeletons are summond and bears down on Jason (still burning)
Jason survives being burnt and manages to take out the advancing Skeletons and the game ends. Totalling up the victory points the Argonauts win a minor victory being in possession of the Golden Fleece.



  1. I love the Crooked Dice systems, so it's always great to see game reports. Good news that Jason survived the immolation ;)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the game report. Jason was super lucky and his survival allowed the Argonauts that slim win.

  2. Nice report. I'd hoped to do more with 7TV this year but never got around to it. Great looking table and miniatures mate.

    1. Thanks Simon. I really need to finish off painting King Aeetes and his warriors in time for the next game - I paint soooooo slow !