Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bloodbowl Match Black Mountain Bloodjaws vs The Brewers

Game 3 of the season and another divisional game against the long standing human team the Brewers.

This is the last divisional game before we go onto the cross division games and I was sitting so far at a win and a draw (4 pts) The Chaos Dwarves were on (0 pts) and the Brewers were on (4 pts) with the Marauders on (4 pts)

So anybody (except the poor Chaos Dwarves) could go top of the division.

The weather yet again was nice and the Brewers had the edge on the fans. The Bloodjaws brought along Ugroth Bolgrot and his chainsaw.

The Bloodjaws lost the toss and kicked to the waiting Humans, it looked like the weather was about to change but only a gentle breeze wafted through the stadium. The Brewers start their drive with their Ogre stunning a Black Orc. The Bloodjaws steam in to contain the the Brewers advance. An Orc blitzer sidelines a lineman and the crowd (fortunatly Orc fans) KO him.

An Orc blitzer tries to dodge to blitz the Human ball carrier but fails and falls over. The Brewers slowly advance again and two lots of double skulls ends the Bloodjaws dismal half as the Brewers Catcher sprints into the endzone to score. TOUCHDOWN 0-1.

Second Half.

The Brewers kick and the Orcs get some Brilliant Coaching as a Black Orc catches the ball on the line of scrimmage. The Bloodjaws drive ahead and Ugroth forgets to oil his rusty chainsaw as it feebily fails to break any armour.

 An LineOrc blitzes a human catcher and KO's him whilst the Bloodjaws smash through the humans. No real lasting damage is caused and the Brewers are soon up and defending well. The Orcs manage to cage the ball in the Brewers backfield but the Humans manage to blitz the ball carrier after a horrendous failed block by a Black Orc.

The ball pops free and is regained by a Bloowjaws Blitzer who storms towards the endzone and no human can catch him. The blitzer scores TOUCHDOWN 1-1 and the game ends. Another hard fought draw for the Orcs.

News comes in from the other match in the division and thats a draw also. The Bloodjaws, Brewers and Marauders are all on 5 pts whilst the Chaos Dwaves languish at the bottom on 1 pt.

Cross divisional matches next and they should prove very interesting.

Thats it for now, goodnight sports fans.

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