Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bloodbowl Match Black Mountain Bloodjaws vs Temperbay Marauders

The Bloodjaws are ready for their second divisional game after the comprehensive win over the Chaos Dwarves. This match would be against another Orc team which has been strongly embedded in league play for two seasons.

The weather was fine and the Marauders had the edhe on the fans in the stadium. Although the Bloodjaws have brought along Star Player VaragGhoulchewer.

The coin is flipped by the ref and the Marauders win the call and elect to receive. The Bloodjaws set up and the ball is kicked, whilst in the air Temperbay receive some good coaching which will help their rolls.

The Marauders start well, crunching a Bloodjaw lineorc then collecting the ball and get their cage rolling. Varag blitzes but double skulls and falls over!!! Temperbay grind ahead and manage to CAS an opposing lineorc. A Marauder blitzer breaks free of the grind but the Bloodjaws blitz him and get a CAS Serious Injury.

The Bloodjaws managed after a few plays to get a lucky blitz on the ball carrier and kock him to the gound. The ball is free and then a Bloodjaw Black Orc skulls out and falls over. The Marauders get another CAS, this time on a Black Orc and although the Bloodjaws defend valiantly the Marauders grind out a score on turn 8 TOUCHDOWN 0-1.

Second half and Temperbay kick and manage to blitz the Bloodjaws!! the Marauders definately managed to bribe Nuffle and the dice gods. The Bloodjaws finally manage to collect the ball and attempt to put the hurt on the Marauders.

Although they manage to crunch the Marauders Troll it gets up easily. The Bloodjaws try moving the ball down field on the flanks and a Black Orc fluffs his block on the Troll. Temperbay blitz the Thrower carrying the ball and gets a CAS with the ball scattering free.

The Marauders try and dodge around the opposition to collect the ball but fail and the Bloodjaws scoop it up and scamper away. A blizter screams towards the endzone and manages to cross the line at the whistle scoring. TOUCHDOWN 1-1.

A hard fought draw and the Bloodjaws had a few casualties.

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