Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Across the Dead Earth Kickstarter Goodies Arrive

As mentioned previously in a few posts, I was heavily involved in the Across the Dead Earth Kickstarter investing heavily for a very favoursome reward package.

Across the Dead Earth is a fantastic Post Apocalyptic skirmish game primarily (at the moment) centered in the F-UK (Former United Kingdon) this makes the background fluff very interesting to read.

The game has been produced by Rich Chapple of Dead Earth Games and its great to see a new independant games producer with the dedication and drive to put together a rather cracking new game.

So onto the Kickstarter goodies. These arrived through my door on Monday after being posted the previous Saturday (great service) and unlike many other Kickstarters, this on has delivered on time and with great product.

My Goodies included so far (as I will receive all gangs, expansions and anythign else they produce for the next 2 years!)

The Rule book including sheets of counters and cards

Three gangs worth of miniatures

A lovely art postcard with a very thoughtful personal message from Rich

All the Swag

The Rulebook  

The Miniatures

The Family including Mercenary Crimson

  The State

The Redclaws


  1. YaY Goodies are beginning to land!

  2. I suspect you will be busy tonight..... It all looks very good and I shall enjoy some future bat reps.

  3. Eagerly waiting for mine to arrive.