Saturday, 6 September 2014

Song of Blades and heroes - First try

Last week I managed to finally get a first try of the great little ruleset Song of Blades and Heroes. I have been after playing this for quite some time since Simon Quinton (Brummie) kindly sent me a copy of the rules.

The rules are set up for a warband of 300pts each side but this is so you can possibly play a few scenarios in an evening. I wanted a bigger game, to last most of our gaming night so I put together two forces of 450 odd points each. My mate Nick took one force of Elves consisting of 6 Archers, 2 Warriors and a Hero, Whilst I took the other force of Orcs consisting of a Warchief, 3 archers, 3 warriors with swords and 3 warriors with spears and a Troll.

The two forces assemble.

Elven Archers take the high ground ready to unleash an arrow storm on the encroaching Orcs.

The two sides face off against other. The Troll threatens with a loud roar but stupidly stnads around quite uneffective.

The Orcs advance towards the river and draw first blood dropping an Elf.

The bridge is contested by a sabretooth rider whilst the Orc Warchief moves into the fray.

An Elf archer spots an Orc and sneakily downs him whilst hiding under the bridge.

The Sabertooth rider munches an Elf Warrior.

Then munches another, leading the way free to assault the Elven rear.

The Orcs are on the attack but its stalled as the Warchief is dropped by combined archery.

The Warchielf completely fluffs his quality roll, leaving him at the mercy of the Elves.

The Samertooth rider is taken down by the Elven Hero.

With the Troll mostly out of the fight all battle due to his complete ineptitude, the Warchief recovers and takes out an Elf. Darkness descends and both sides withdraw to lick their wounds. Calculating the cost of the casualties Nick with the Elves have the upper hand and win.
An absolute cracking game. I had a blast even though my Troll failed practically ever quality roll of game and my Orcs couldnt fight for toffee. I will definately not be leaving it too long before setting up another game.


  1. Awesome report mate. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Nice report, chap!
    I'm glad to hear that you like the ruleset. To my mind it's a really nice beer & breztel game which allows a bunch of fun with only a few figures. Good thing to start into a new project...

  3. Cheers mate. Cant wait to play a set campaign with on-going warbands.