Friday, 26 September 2014

Bloodbowl Match Black Mountain Bloodjaws vs Blackburners

A new Bloodbowl season has started at my local club and this year I have gone for another new starting team. I have chosen Orcs as I have never used them in any version of Bloodbowl over the years but they have always appealed to my playstyle (try and destroy the other team and score at will)

So here we have the match report for my debut game with the Black Mountain Bloodjaws. I was against my friend Mike and his One Season completed Chaos Dwarf team.

The debut game for the newly raised Black Mountain Bloodjaw Orc team and their introduction to Bloodbowl ends up in a storm of Pouring Rain. With the Blackburners being an established team they had a few more fans turn up but this meant the Bloodjaws managed to hire Ripper Bolgrot and Varag Ghoulchewer for the game.

The Bloodjaws win the toss and elect to receive, just as the ball is kicked the rain stops and the clouds clear leaving a nice blue sky and gentle breeze.

The ball scatters of the field and is duly given to their Thower and the Bloodjaws start their drive. Ripper smashes into a Chaos Dwarf but only manages to push the evil stunty away whilst Varag Blitzes a Bull Centaur and gets a CAS, at first instance it looks like the four legged demon bull is dead but after the Apocathary has a look he’s only Badly Hurt.

The crowd is wild at the early carnage and get more worked up as a Dauntless Hobgoblin crunches Ripper and floors the Troll. The Blackburners push on and a Chaos Dwarf finally throws a block at a Black Orc but ends up stunning himself.

The Bloodjaws seize the initiative and Varag manages to CAS a Chaos Dwarf whilst an Orc Blitzer CAS’s a Hobgoblin. The Black Orcs rampage and manage to stun a Chaos Dwarf and the other Bull Centaur and another Bloodjaw Blitzer gouges the eye out of a Hobgoblin CAS. Ripper embarrassed by his flooring rises up and CAS’s the now cowering Hobgoblin whilst the Bloodjaws Thrower moves up and shoots of a quick pass to a loose Blitzer.

The Blackburners respond to this quick mauling with a Hobgoblin with a bit of Elf blood dodges manically through the Greenskin lines but finally slips and KO’s himself.

The Orcs are in control and the ball carrier easily skips into the endzone to score. TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-0.

The Orcs kick and the Blackburners get a Quick Snap running forward. A Hobgoblin deftly collects the ball and pumps off a short pass to a receiver who then hands off to another free Hobgoblin. A Black Orc tries to smack his opponent but fluffs the hit and falls over. The Hobgoblin ball carrier Goes For It spectacularly but trips over and fractures his skull!! CAS. Varag fractures the arm of a Chaos Dwarf CAS and a Bloodjaw Blitzer KO’s the remaining Bull Centaur. The half draws to a close with the Blackburners missing the chance to equalize.

The Second half begins and the Orcs kick again. The Fans riot (clearly as the Blackburners have more fans and they are getting thumped) time ticks on and the Blackburners fail to collect the ball on their drive. Varag KO’s a Chaos Dwarf whilst a Blitzer stuns a Hobgoblin then tries to pick the ball up and fails.

The Blackburners cant get going and the Bloodjaws surge forward again, Blitzers stunning Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs alike and finally one collects the ball (after remembering it’s a sports game, not just a smack fest!)

A Hobgoblin tries a longshot blitz on the ball carrier and manages to knock the Orc over with another Hobgoblin catching the loose ball. Ripper completely fluffs his hit on the Bull Centaur and hits the floor (again!!)

The Hobgoblins dash forward into scoring postion. A long bomb is thrown by the ball carrier but its fumbled!
The Bloodjaws gain an advantage with a Blitzer KO’ing a Hobgoblin and their Thrower collects the ball, pumps a pass upfield to a waiting Blitzer who dances in for the score TOUCHDOWN 2-0.

With the game nearly over the Orcs kick off again and this time the fans invade the pitch. The Bloodjaws end up with three players stunned including Ripper, who has has probably his most useless game of Bloodbowl recently.

The Blackburners collect the ball and tried a passing move but the clock runs down, the pass is fumbled anyway and the game is over.


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