Friday, 16 May 2014

Ludus Gladiatorius Gladiator Project

Finally I have got round to initially starting my long wanted Gladiator project. I have been wanting to do this for donkey's ages but just never had the time or found exactly what I wanted.

This all changed with my recent Wargames pilgimage to Salute and saw Gripping Beasts new Jugular miniatures for their new Gladiator game.

I did have a demo of Jugular but was not that impressed but was impressed however by the miniatures. These are huge though and well above normal scale - but perfect I thought, as I dont want hundreds of miniatures, just a good handful per side per Ludus or Lanista etc..

The price still remained a bit prohibitive though (£25.50 for 4 miniatures and a few extra heads, weapons etc)

Now being a self confessed bargin hunter and black belt in Googlefu (read tight git with a laptop) I managed to hunt down and aquire two sets of these miniatures for a paltry sum of £40, not a bad saving.

Hence my newly started Gladiator Project!!!

I have also been impressed and possess a nice set of Gladiator Rules from EM4 called Ludus Gladiatorius which have a very nice pick up and play feel which I want, also they have CUSTOM DICE (Dice Whore yay)

During the past couple of weeks I have slowly been searching the old Tinterweb and finding custom and houseruled additions to this game. I have now finally finished a complete draft of my adapted version of Ludus Gladiatorius rules with stat cards and a campaign system.

Right thats miniatures and rules sorted - what to play on I hear you ask. Well, there are alot of compays out there that can supply hex grids/chequer boards/sand mats etc but with the size of Gripping beasts miniatures I needed something a bit bigger.

Heroscape tiles! perfect. Connectable hexes so I can make any size area I wish. I got my Station Workshops to cut a 4mm MDF board for me to attach my hexes to and this will be sprayed with textured undercoat and then painted sand with a few blood splashes etc. A few of the hexes will be left unglued and attached to the board as I have 4 loose bases that I will make into spike pits (you can see the 4 miliiputted bases and the back of the miniatures picture)

These as well as Columns/Pillars are another adaptation to my rules.

So miniatures sorted, rules sorted, arena sorted (just need a few Lions and Tigers at appropriate scale) and now onto the painting.

Bases for pit traps at the back

Murmillo, Hoplomachus, Murmillo, Retiarius

Velite, Traex, Secutor, Retiarius


  1. I would really like to find a good set of Gladiator rules. I am happy that you seem to have found some you can work with. I shall enjoy watching your progress.

  2. Cheers Clint. I'm going to make sure I don't get distracted with this project as its not a lot of miniatures to paint. Your more than welcome to a copy of the rules when iv tarted them up a bit.

  3. Thanks Phil. I have been wanting to do this project for years now but never got the time or the creativity to do it. Started painting the Gladiators and they are turning out very nice (with my limited artictic skills)

  4. I've been looking for a decent set of gladiator rules for ages. I've been thinking of writing my own as none I've found have the correct 'feel' that I'm looking for. I'll be watching with interest!

  5. did you ever end up finishing the rules you were putting together for this? I'd love to get a copy of them.