Saturday, 24 May 2014

7TV and Bushido

No real battle reports, AAR's or scenario write ups on this one im afraid. Just some nice pics of the couple of games I ran the other week at my local wargames club in Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire)

7TV - The Forces of Captain Scarlet vs the Nefarious Crime Lords and their Femdroids.

Bushido - Prefecture of Ryu (Samurai) vs The Savage Wave (Oni)

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. They both look like good games. I am a big fan of the 7TV board though it's simple and very effective. Nice to see some Fembots getting some action as well!

  2. Great looking tables and miniatures mate. The 7TV Board looks ace.

  3. Very nice - the scenery and figures in the 7TV are great - I like the concise playing area though as yet I'm still to have a game.

  4. Superb looking games. The 7TV board really captures a 1960's look and feel, great suff.