Monday, 14 April 2014

The I Forgot The SALUTE Swag Post - Post

Ok so after my lengthy SALUTE Aftermath post I suddenly realised that I had committed a huge sin and ommitted the obligatory SWAG picture and description!!!

So I humbly beg forgiveness for my indiscretion and hereby submit forthwith the corresponding article.

I still think I spent more than Ray !!!

 The Sizable Swag Pile
  • By Fire and Sword Catalogue (free givaway with a couple of 15mm miniatures)
  • Wargames Illustrated (Last Months as I wanted the Macedonian articles) - still managed to obtain the free Che Guvara 28mm miniature though.
  • 7TV Villains Guide, a weighty tomb of villanous goodness.
  • A full set of Crooked Dice Police miniatures with dogs, Coppers, Tough Detectives and the not Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes miniatures.
  • A nice lot of Bushido miniatures for numerous factions.
  • Salute Dice.
  • Judge Dredd Fatties box for my ever increasing 2000AD range.
  • Malifaux 40mm Asian Garden base inserts.
  • Kromlech and Maxi-mini resin packs (free givaways)
If anyone would like the Kromlech, Maxi-Mini or Fire and Sword 15mm minis just comment and let me know as I have no use for them.



  1. Nice haul! The main problem I have with everyone's post-Salute swag posts is finding things I wish I'd gotten! What was the max mini freebie, btw?

  2. Thanks for the comments. The Maxi mini freebie pack is small, just includes a few heads, a machine gun, armoured arm and hand and a steampunky backpack.

    1. Ooh, bagsy if no one else claims it, my Salute purchases were 90% heads!

  3. Ray wins the swag haul without a doubt, but you have a very nice haul for yourself

  4. A very good Haul. I look forward to seeing the Fatties painted UP

    1. So will I Clint haha. I have about 100 Judge Dredd minis to do.