Saturday, 22 March 2014

Guildball - Match Report: Fisherman Guild vs Butchers Guild

Good Afternoon Empireites and welcome to our first Guildball Match Report. This afternoon saw The Fishermans Guild team: Trident Harbour GBC (Guildball Club) vs the Butchers Guild team: Cleaver Street GBC.
Fishermens Guild
Butchers Guild

The local pitch was in good order and on a very pleasant afternnoon the match started with the Fishermen kicking off to the Butchers.

Ox from the Butchers ran onto the ball whilst players from both teams made moves into postion and jockeyed for position.

Ox storms forward with the ball and the two teams start to clash.

Greyscale from the Fishermen puts a few hits on the Butchers but the is Charged by Boar who takes out Greyscale completely.

The Fishermens Captain, Shark, attacks Boar and manages to knock him down and Kraken knocks down Boiler on the opposite side of the pitch.

Ox still with the ball makes a good run past the opposing Fishermen and shoots towards the goal.

The shot is good and he scores, the Butchers go 1-0 up and the ball is rebounded up the pitch from the Goal Post with Siren running after it.

Boiler stands up and moves away from Kraken towards the ball, taking the damaging Parting Shot but managing to stay on his feet.

Boiler nicks the ball away from Siren and boots it towards Shank. Shank collects the ball but is Harpooned by Kraken and dragged towards the huge Fisherman player. Shank is then incerimoniously knocked down and the ball scatters behind Kraken.

Shark sprints towards the ball, collects it and kicks it, looping the pass over Krakens head towards the waiting feet of Siren. Siren then dashes forward with a lovely Pass and Move.

Ox Charges into Angel and knocks her down and Siren lines a shot up on goal and scores a Screamer!! 1-1

and thats it folks, the game had to be called there for reasons beyond normal control. A Draw is a fair result for this first match.

Tune in for more Guildball soon....


  1. Sounds like fun. The miniatures look rather nice as well. What did you think of the rules so far in the game you played?

    1. The paper standup minis are a great resource. The rules although lite at the mo are great. It's a igo ugo system and runs very fluid.