Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bushido GCT Tournament - Smogcon 2014 Part 2

This is the second part of my Bushido Tournament write up covering games 3 and 4. Part one of the write up can be found here - Part 1.

Game 3. vs Chris Nord (Prefecture of Ryu) Scenario Ryodo (Zone Control)

This was another zone control game but without the Very Important Model. Now I am mostly a Prefecture player so knew this game would be hard as I knew the tricks the Samurai faction could deal out and I was actually stumped on how to counter some of them.

Chris deployed his forces with the majority taking the centre and heading for the central zone whilst his Bikou (Ninja) headed towards my friendly zone. I was at serious disadvantage here as there was a scenery item right in front of my zone and Bikou has camoflauge which means I couldnt attack or shoot her unless I was within 2" of her at the start of my activation. She is a bloody pain to counter and spent the game spitting out Shurikan attacks like a throwing star machine gun, shredding my defending Takeji.

Chris had also took a Special card which gave him pass actions, which along with Hanso's feat which meant he could order Ashigaru to move which didnt tire them left me one option. So I charged head first into the centre to try and defeat as many of his characters as possible. With Blood of Orochi blessings on Kenzo and Masunagi not being bestowed with any fervour I ended up outnumbered and was slowly defeated.

My Naoko managed to infiltrate his friendly zone but when time was called and the scenario points totalled up I had marginally lost 0-1.

Prefecture of Ryu Win 1-0 in Victory Points.

Game 4. vs Jon Conway (Temple) Scenario - Keii (6 idols, 2 each friendly and 2 neutral - prayer tokens placed score points)

Last game and Jon was a fantastic opponent, really friendly and the game was so relaxed. We both set up on opposite baselines and I won the Tactical role (every turn). My Ito all ran towards the central Neutral idols ready to lay prayer tokens. Jon moved up his Monks, Master Po and Kenko whilst his Rice Farmer tried to flank and hide behind the trees. His Gorilla beat its chest in rage and made ready to attack Naoko whilst the Water Buffalo ended up as poached beef as Kaihime pincushioned it with poisoned arrows.

Po and Kenko tried to use Ki to tank themselves up, but their mantras failed dismally as Kenzo and Masunagi ripped into them and poisioned them to boot. Hotaru moved and managed to flame Masunagi whilst Kaihime shot and killed the Rice Farmer who was still cowering behind some trees. The Gorilla missed Naoko and the Snake demon returned the attack and blinded the Ape.

Offerings to Orochi were being placed on the idols at will now and the Kami was smiling on the Ito. With no offensive support the Temple were left with Aiko and her blinded Gorilla and Hotaru.

Naoku slithered over to Aiko and made short work of Aiko. Hotaru tried to chargrill Masunagi but the Samurai shrugged off the flames licking his armour and rammed his Katana through the hotheaded antagonist.

The Temple had crumbled and the Ito had pleased Orochi with their offerings.

Ito Win 2-1 in Victory Points.

So all four games completed and the final results were announced. I came 4th. I was only 1 point behind 3rd place which went to my 3rd game opponent Chris Nord.

A fantastic day and tournament and I was really pleased with my efforts with a completely untried force.