Friday, 14 March 2014

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Asguard Marauders

Nearly at the end of our local Bloodbowl League. This was the Divisional Semi-Final, so win this and I theoretically only have two games left, the Divisional Final and the League Final against the opposite Division winners.

I was up against Paul again with his Norse. I had beaten him during the season but now his team was alot more skilled up and very bashy.

With the Norse being  a higher rating than the Oblivion I hired a Mercenary Witch Elf and a Wandering Apothacary.

The weather was nice and the stadium started to fill with hordes of screaming fans, the Norse did seem to have the advantage on their supporters though.

The teams set up and the Dark Elves received first. The ball was kicked and the skies looked like they could change but the weather stayed nice. The Oblvion started strongly and KO'd a Wulfenwerer collected the ball and then saw it thrown to a waiting Blitzer. An Oblivion Lineman tries to add a Tackle Zone around the ball carrier but fails a dodge and falls over.

The Marauders remaining Wulfenwerer manages to sideline the Blitzer with the ball and although he escapes injury the ball is thrown back onto the field and caught by a Norse player.

The Oblivion respond well and a Lineman gets a CAS on a Norse Lineman, the ball carrier is Blitzed and Killed by a Dark Elf Blitzer. The ball pops free and another Oblivion dodges through the Norse lines and collects the ball.

The Wulfenwerer frenzies and hits the ball carrier and knocks him down, the ball goes free again. The Oblivion block well and move into position to crowd the Wulfenwerer. The Wulfenwerer is pushed away and a Dark Elf Blitzer dashes forward and collects the ball. The Norse Snow Troll acutely ineffective so far Roars Wildly. The Oblivion rampage forward and a Blitzer CAS's the Marauders Thrower breaking his ribs, the Oblivion are close to scoring but the Snow Troll rages and CAS's a Dark Elf Lineman..

The Oblivion surge ahead and push a few Marauders off the pitch but no injuries are caused, the Snow Troll watches Wildly as the Dark Elves run in and score TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-0.

The Second half starts and the Dark Elves kick. The ball sails off the field whilst the Marauders Quick Snap forward. The ball is passed to a Norse Catcher and the Marauders push forward. The Oblivion manage to deck the Snow Troll and then gang foul it, only managing to stun the beast. A Marauders Wulfenwerer KO's a Dark Elf Lineman and the Norse Catcher using his Nerves of Steel dashes between some Dark Elves and passes the ball which ends up complete in the hands of a Marauders Blitzer.

The Oblivion manage to dodge backfield and put a Blitz on the ball carrier. The ball goes free and is collected by the Oblivions Runner. The Marauders Catcher Jumps Up and tries to Blitz the Runner but completely fluffs it and smashes into the ground.

The Dark Elves charge ahead and an Oblivion Lineman Kills a Norse Lineman whilst the Runner passes the ball. Its all Dark Elves now and just as the match is ending the Mercenary Witch Elf who has been quiet all game storms up and with a Frenzied attack Kills the Snow Troll just as the Oblivion ball carrier crosses the line and scores again. TOUCHDOWN!!! 2-0.

The Oblivion come out Winners and are now scheduled to meet the Talos Tobbaconists (Chaos) in the Divisional Final.

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