Friday, 7 February 2014

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Slaanesh Big Society

Ok sports fans, welcome to the final game to decide the divisional standings. After this the top two teams in each of the divisions will be fixtured against each other, ready for the run up to the overall League final.

Tonights match up see's the malicious Dark Elves on a good run against the Chaos horde of Slaanesh. These Chaos boys are really hard hitters although results have not often gone their way.

The weather is fine here in the stadium and the Oblivion fans just seem to have an edge over the braying beastmen.

The teams set up and it looks like the Oblivion are receiving first. The ball is kicked and....whats this ? the fans are invading the pitch already!!! Lots of Chaos players are getting pulled down and even a few Dark Elves are caught in the fans frenzy.

The fans finally clear from the pitch and Oblivion get the game under way by plowing into the Slaaneshi. The Societies Minotaur is knocked over but not injured whilst a Dark Elf Blitzer smashes into a Beastman and gets a CAS, that looks a Serious Injury and the Beastman is dragged off the pitch with a nasty Niggle.

Another Oblivion Blitzer hits a Chaos Warrior and gets a CAS. The Minotaur rises to his feet but can only Roar in Rage. The Society try to get a grip on the Oblivion but are buckling under the onslaught. The Dark Elves surge forward KO'ing a Beastman with a Blitzer and crowd the Society players whilst controlling the ball down the wing.

The Minotaur tries to Blitz but just Roars wildly. An Oblivion Blitzer gets cocky and tries to GFI to Blitz the Minotaur but loses his feet and falls over. The Chaos return is non effective and Oblivion still getting cocky try and get the Minotaur again, a Blitzer smashes into it but just bounces off and ends up smashed himself Skulling Out.

The Minotaur still Roaring but this time whilst Blitzing hits the Oblivion Runner who tries to Dump Off, unfortunately seeing a mad rampaging Minotaur puts you off a bit and the balls bounces free whilst the Runner is smashed to the ground.

A Chaos Warrior manages to KILL an Oblivion Lineman with a Mighty Blow but this doesnt stop Oblivions Blitzers collecting the ball and heading towards the endzone. A Society Beastman tries a GFI to get the ball carrier but fails and goes face first into the ground. Oblivion score TOUCHDOWN!! 1-0.

The teams set up again but only a few seconds are left of the half. A Chaos Warrior goes down with an Oblivion Lineman and manages to CAS him just as the half ends.

The teams set up for the second half and the Oblivion kick the ball and immediately Blitz the Chaos taking down a Beastman but causing no injury. The Society hit back and and CAS a Dark Elf Lineman but he manages to crawl into the Reserves box after being seen by the Apothocary. The Minotaur stands around and Roars as usual. The Oblivion are on the defensive now and back peddling due to their recent losses.

The Beastmen are cageing the ball now and driving well. The Oblivion get in a lucky Blitz on the ball carrier and KO him. The ball is loose. Good Dodging play see's the Oblivion collect and try and protect the ball. The Society return Blitz the Oblivion ball carrier now and he goes down as well releasing the ball.

A Dark Elf lineman tries to Dodge but fails and hits the ground KILLING himself. The Minotaur gets a block in but manages to stun himself whilst the Oblivion collect the ball but end up Fumbling a Pass. The half is turning into a cataloge of failures! The Chaos just cant take control and the Oblivion finally collect the ball and put in a Long Pass to the Runner who rushes in and scores TOUCHDOWN!! 2-0.

Thats it sports fans. Plenty of carnage on the pitch but a convincing win for the Karond Kar Oblivion which see's them top their Divison.


  1. That sounded like a brutal game - excellent!

    1. Aye, fortunately both deaths were not on expensive players so easily replaced.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Simon. Getting hard now as the top teams are very strong.