Sunday, 16 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Painted Miniatures

Well as you can see, February is turning into Post Apocalyptic month for posts. Especially covering Across the Dead Earth, which as I have mentioned before in previous posts, has really gripped my attention as a fantastic skirmish game.

Dead Earth Games have just had the first metals returned and sent them off to Articifer Painting in Wales for a bit of professional slap.

As you can see from the results they have turned out really nice, with crispt detail in the scultps making an excellent paintjob really show up well.

The models are further excentuated by the wonderful background terrain (all belonging to Articifer painting)

                                                                    Fatboy (Redclaw Gang)

Reggie (Family)

Crimson (Mercenary)

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  1. I am following this kickstarter on Brummies blog. I wish them well but at this stage not commiting any money to it. Already got far to many projects and plans to start something new.