Saturday, 8 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth - AAR

Right you Yobs listen up. Im Ronnie see and I'm the leader of these Red Claws, the baddest gang in the Dead Earth this side of the old Northamptons.  Now this tale is how the Family led by that bleeding Heart Survivalist Adam sneakily got the upper hand on us, thanks to some sabotage and dodgy munitions; after we had tracked them down when they left the Bedford ruins.

We had dogged their steps all the way up what was left of the great north road into the Cambridge wastes and finally came into contact around some old industrial site around Buckden blast crater.

So pin back ya ears and pay attention cause ya might just come up against the Family y'selves!

This was a straight up grudge fight with the Red Claws Savage Gang vs the Family, a group of Survivors.

The Red Claws consisted of Ronnie (Leader) Shayman (Medic) Fatboy (Assault) Topper (Yob) Pyro with his Flamethrower and Shrimp (Scout)

L-R - Shrimp, Topper, Pyro, Fatboy, Ronnie, Shayman
The Family is made up of Adam (Leader) Ezra (Medic) Drexyl (Sharpshooter) Reggie (Assault) and Skylar (Scout)

L-R - Adam, Ezra, Sylar, Reggie, Drexyl

Both gangs set up on opposite sides of the Industrial Ruins and the Red Claws got the initiative.

Shrimp moved up on the right flank ready to take advantage on the high ruins whilst Drexyl entered the grey building opposite and hid. Topper went straight ahead into the black ruined warehouse as Reggie made counter moves into cover. Fatboy and Shayman skipped to the left of the warehouse whilst Ronnie and Pyro held back a bit waiting to see what the Family would do. At the same time the rest of the Family took advantage of the cover afforded by the Rusty factory.

The initiative was still with the Red Claws and they made more moves towards the central crossroads. Shrimp climbed higher in the ruins and took positon overlooking the oppostite grey building. Fatboy and Shayman took cover on the right whilst Topper climbed up the ruined walls of the warehouse. Ronnie and Pyro kept stock on the Families movements and edge a bit closer. The Family in respose had Ezra scoot to the edge of the grey ruins trying to get a bead on Shrimp. Drexyl stayed hiding at the top of the grey ruins and Skylar moved into cover on the road between the ruins and factory. Adam and Reggie stayed out of sight but moved closer.

The opposing gangs had manged to get themselves slightly into range of each other but all impetus was still with the Red Claws. Shrimp tried to chuck a grenade at Ezra but the damaged munition exploded in his hand Knocking him out and his unconcious form hung limply out of a damaged window. Reggie moves forward and tries to grenade Fatboy and Shayman but it explodes harmlessly between them. Another grenade comes bouncing in and the blast catches Shayman, fortunately the solid concrete wall protects him.

Adam tries to get into range to throw a grenade but is caught in the open and is Knocked out by Toppers Scattergun.

With one member each Knocked out the Red Claws keep the initiative and surge forward. Fatboy and Shayman move towards the crossroads and take cover but Fatboy is stopped by a hidden Trip Wire, whilst Topper Scatterguns the prone form of Adam but fails to finish him. Drexyl moves out of hiding and gets a bead on Pyro. Although the shot is dead on Pyro shrugs of any injury. He then shoots Topper and Knocks him out. Ronnie screams at Pyro and the crazy flamer runs towards Reggie and roasts him Kocking him out. Sylar gets a good shotgun hit on Fatboy and the shot Knocks him out.

The fight has turned the Families way now and Ezra ignores shooting Ronnie and moves to revive Adam. Ronnie machine guns Sylar who ducks behind cover and survives, Ronnie then shouts to Pyro to finish off Reggie and with a manic glint in his eye Pyro turns Reggie crispy! Drexyl shoots Topper and finally finishes him. Pyro attempts to flamer Sylar but the tank must have been damaged during the skirmish. A huge explosion happens and everyone thinks Pyro has got away with just a Flesh wound but Best laid plans show that the mad flamer is Knocked out.

The fight is getting desperate, the Family have the upper hand and both sides are hurting. Adam walks over and crunches Pyro's skull under his boot finishing him off! Ronnie lets rip with his SMG and as the clatter of machine gun finally fades Adam is well and truly finished.

Sylar and Fatboy end up in hand to hand combat after Shayman revives Fatboy. Sylar wins the contest and backs ways and then blasts Fatboy point blank with her shotgun. Thats the end of Fatboys battle as he's Knocked out. Sylar then blast Shayman and Knocks him out as well. Ronnie is shaking as his gang are falling all around him, Drexyl puts him out of his misery.

The Red Claws are left completely ineffective, bleeding and knocked out whilst the Family claim victory, scoop up their injured and move on their way.


  1. OUCH! That one will leave a mark!

    Good pics and nice report mate. Grudge mission is really a nasty one to play!

  2. Yeh it was nasty. We did roll at the end just for fun on the campaign injuries chart. Lets just say both gangs next battle would be very lightly attended!

  3. Great game report mate once things get close it gets nasty. I love the event cards like tripwire its comical the things that end up happening. I loved all the nades bouncing all over the place at the beginning as well.

  4. There are parts of this game that intrigue me. I like a Post apoc setting, And from what I have seen on other blog AArs the rules seem solid. I will look into the game when it comes out, But no guarantees that I will get involved at this stage. But good to read more of the game to better inform myself.