Monday, 20 January 2014

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Jimps and Perps

NORMAL SERVICE HAS BEEN RESUMED SPORTS FANS. Yes after the small unexpected stutter of a draw against the Halflings team, The Oblivion have stormed back and hit the Human team Jimps and Perps for six.

The Oblivion made their way to the Humans Stadium located in the wasted lands ready with revenge and malice in their dark hearts. The weather was unnaturally nice and the Dark Elves had an unassailable advantge with the amount of fans that had made the trip.

Due to a minor injury to one of their players from Morg last game, the Oblivion had drafted in a spare journeyman to bring their team up to strength. The Ref approached the teams captains and the Jimps ended up winning the coin toss and elected to receive first.

After the teams set up and the ball was kicked an Oblivion fan hurled a large rock right at a Jimps player, the rock smashed the players hip and he was carted of the field before the ball was even caught.

The Humans then started well, knocking over a few Dark Elf players but not causing any damage. The Jimps Blitzers make a move through the centre and their Thrower sends a good pass towards a waiting Catcher, who completely fluffs it and the ball bounces to the ground.

The Oblivion counter well. No damage is caused but the Jimps Catcher is blitzed out of the way and the ball is collected by the Dark Elves. The Humans crowd out the Oblivion ball carrier and defend well managed to stun the on hire Journeyman. The Oblivion still seem to be throwing marshmallow punches as they cant seem to hurt the Humans.

The ball carrier blitzes away from the crowd and heads towards the endzone, then a Dark Elf Blitzer Kills the Humans Thrower CAS!! The Apothacary is straight out but his applications do no good and the Thrower is still DEAD!

Another Blitzer KO's the Catcher and a Dark Elf Lineman is sent off after trying to foul the Jimps Ogre. The Humans reeling from the quick onslaught recover well and a Blitzer dodges through the Dark Elves and manages to hit the ball carrier popping the ball free. In return an Oblivion Blitzer smashes the Human out of the way, collects the ball and runs in to score TOUCHDOWN!!!! 1-0.

its still the first half and the teams set up again after the score. The Oblivion kick the ball and it bounces right into the far corner of the endzone negative the Jimps Quick Snap. The Jimps try and block on the line but the players whiffs it and eats dirt himself.

The Catchers play pass and toss but theres no time left in this half to score.

Second half and the Oblivion receive the ball. The Humans however set up a Perfect Defence. The Dark Elves storm into the Jimps but although a few go down no damage is caused. The Runner collects the ball whilst a Blitzer KO's a Human Blitzer then runs into space. The Runner dashes up the pitch and tosses the ball to the waiting Blitzer.

The Ogre pounds towards the ball carrier and Blitzes him, only pushing him towards the sidelines though. In return a Dark Elf Blitzer smashes into the Ogre and Kills him CAS. The Jimps coach has to watch as the now massive corpse of his Ogre is dragged away.

This leaves a massive hole that the Oblivion team exploit and the ball carrier makes a move and manages to score TOUCHDOWN!!! 2-0

Set up again sees the ball kicked towards the Humans, who fail to collect the ball. The Oblivion manage to CAS a Human Lineman and the Jimps try and control the ball again with a Blitzer who manages to fumble the pick up.

The Humans finally pick the ball up with a Catcher who passes it well to another Catcher. The Oblivion incensed that the Jimps are playing keep ball CAS a Lineman and Blitz into the ball carrier KO'ing him. The Dark Elves collect the ball a lauch a Long Pass down field which is not caught.

The Humans respond by collecting the ball and try to pass it themselves but the whistle is blown, the match is over. Oblivion win and are somewhat happy after killing the Ogre.

Thanks for tuning into another Bloodbowl match report. Goodnight.