Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Riverside Rainbows

Well 2014 has truley arrived and the 1st Bloodbowl game of the new year took place a couple of nights ago. I can safely say that the effects of the holidays have seriously affected me as I played like a complete muppet.

My Karond Kar Oblivion Dark Elves currently riding at the top of their Division were up against my friend Alex's Riverside Rainbows (a demented lot of malicious Halflings with a penchant for hiring Morg'an Th'org.

The teams strolled out onto the Astrogranite of the Oblivion stadium in the Pouring Rain with the howling Dark Elf fans in abundance, certain that their team would crucify the annoying little Flings.

The Rainbows Master Chef managed to poison the Dark Elves pre-match snacks and left them reeling and unable to use any advantage in the first half (No Re-Rolls) and then proceeded to wheel out Morg next to their Treemen. The bookies still had the Oblivion with the advantage though.

First half and the Rainbows kick, the Oblivion gain a tactical advange through the sound of their Cheering Fans and the game starts. The Oblivion get a good few blocks on the Halflings but only manage to push them around the pitch or see them Dodge away, but collect the ball ready for their drive.

The Rainbows respond but see one of their Treemen Rooted early on. The Oblivion's Runner dashes to the sidelines with the ball and manages to CAS a Halfling. Morg then rampages forward and smashes into a Darkl Elf Lineman causing a CAS, the Lineman goes down with a sickening crunch. That looks like a Smashed Hip. The Oblivion push back but a bad play from a Lineman see's him block a Rainbow player and get a CAS but he ends up hitting the dirt as well.

The Dark Elves are now surging forward and a Blitzer nearly ruins his teams advantage but the Runner uses his Leader ability and marshals him on. The Runner is near the endzone now as Morg smashes into another Lineman and CAS's him as well. The Star Ogre is on a blood splattering rampage and keeping the Halflings competitve.

An Oblivion Blitzer slams into a Halfing but cant hurt him as he Side-Steps away and a Lineman fails an easy Dodge giving the impetus back to the Rainbows. Morg Blitzes into the ball carrier who manages to Dump-Off to a near by Blitzer.

One Oblivion Blitzer CAS's a Halfling while the Blitzer ball carrier dashes away from a crowd of Halflings and throws the ball to a waiting team mate. The catch is failed!

The Rainbows Un-Rooted Treeman hurls a Halfing downfield towards the ball but the landing is not good and the poor Fling crunches into the ground.

The Oblivion gain the ball and skip into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-0.

Second half and the Oblivion kick towards the Rainbows whilst the weather changes to a nice pleasant day. Straight from the off the Halflings are punching above their weight and a Treeman gets a CAS on a Dark Elf Lineman.

The Halflings collect the ball and try and cage the ball carrier between the Trees and Morg but an Oblivion Blitzer manages to skip through the defence and gets a good hit on the ball carrier. The ball is knocked free and it bounces around violently before the huge meaty paws of Morg reach out and catch it!

MORGS GOT THE BALL!!! The Oblivion charge in recklessly, KO'ing Flings left and right and even manage to slightly push Morg back, but the Star Ogre is on a roll and uses him immense size and strength to barrel his way forward. A Tremman manages to take root but its late in the second half and the Rainbows are banking on Morg to score as no other player is in any postion to make a mark on the game.

The Oblivion crowd out the Ogre and a Blitzer comes in for the hit only to fluff it at the last moment. Morg lets out a mighty laugh and Blitzes forward smashing an Oblivion player out of the way and heads to the endzone. Morg needs just on small push to score....he trips...the Dark Elf crowd roar thinking that the Ogre is going to fall but somehow he manages to beat the odds and balances himself to cross the line and score TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-1.

The Rainbow players go crazy. They cant believe they have pulled off a draw. The Oblivion coach is looking around to see who on his staff he can sacrifice. Drawing to Halflings (well drawing to Morg really who was a one Ogre wreaking ball)

The Oblivion are dazed and clearly the Rainbows Master Chef has duped their food and drink more severly than first thought.

Well thats it for another week. The Oblivion will surely be looking at reeking revenge on their next opponent to atone for this result.

Goodnight Sports Fans!!


  1. Though it was a draw it was a great read. Nice pics as well.

    1. Cheers Simon. Always pleased that people find the reports fun and a good read.

  2. I am afraid I just can't get into Blood bowl. I have tried it twice and not enjoyed it either time. I know I am in the minority though.

    I do like American football in real life though..... Cheesehead fan!

    1. Not every game is for everyone mate. Iv been playing Bloodbowl since its very first edition both league, tournament and even in a World Cup. But there's certain games I just can't get into even though others rave about them

  3. Sounds lie a draws as good as a win for your team in this game Carl!

    1. Flings can be tough and annoying. Not the walkover you would think. Especially when the Chef nicks all your re rolls and Morg just smashes everything.

  4. Revenge is a dish best served cold!