Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Talos Tobacconists

Apologies for lapsing on writing up this latest match report in the continuing campaign of the Oblivion team, mainly due to suffering from sever crippling back pain recently and a hideous work schedule. 

The Oblivion have been storming ahead again after a few draws and frustrating games and now face the solid wall of monsterous that is the Chaos team Talos Tobbaconists.

This team of chaos monsters and men had not only a Minotaur but also the Chaos Warriors were hugely experienced, and with a few extra funds afforded to them for this game the Oblivion decided that just for the hell of it why not get a Morg'an'Thorg as well as another Apocathary (I was anticipating getting hurt a lot!).

Atrocity's fans again turned up in serious numbers but the braying howls of beastmen managed to drown out the perverse cries of the Dark Elves. The weather was a nice pleasant day betraying the nature of both teams. Tobacconists set up and booted the ball high into the air. The Oblivions Runner raced over and plucked the ball out of the sky and moved into the centre of the field, where the Chaos cage up around him. Morg let out a howl and blitzed into a lone Beastman trying to push him of the field but just pounded him into the ground stunning him.

The centre of the pitch turns into a huge bashy scrum, until the Dark Elves run out and attempt a pass to a loose Blitzer. The pass is perfect and the Blitzer heads off towards the Endzone. The Chaos surge towards the ball - but the Minotaur gets downed and an Oblivion Blitzer blitzes a Chaos Beastman and KILLS him!

The bashing carries on and a Chaos Warrior Blitzes a Dark Elf Lineman, carrying on moving in an attempt to close down the ball carrier. The Blitzer still with the gore of a freshly killed Beastman on his hands smashes into another Choas monster and the crowd is stunned as this one os also KILLED leaving just a wet sticky stain on the pitch!! The Minotaur frenzies upto an Oblivion Lineman, punches, and causes a CAS. The hired Apocathary ties to reverse the injury but is bloody incompatant and nearly makes it worse.

The Tobacconists are falling like nine-pins. A Blitzer smashes another Beastman getting yet another CAS! whislt the Blitzer with the ball runs in for a TOUCHDOWN. 1-0 Oblivon at the end of the half.

Second half and the Dark Elves kick off. The Chaos take a quicksnap and the Chaos Beastmen make their move but end up butterfingering a pass and catch play. A Chaos Warrior goes for a foul on a Oblivions star Blitzer and KO's him. The Dark Elves quickly control the ball and a TOUCHDOWN is scored again 2-0 Oblivion.

The last couple of turns ended up not being played as Callum playing the Chaos could do nothing but roll skulls and 1's so conceded..

On paper the Chaos team should have destroyed me as they were a highly experienced team of 3 seasons whilst the Oblivion have only played 6 odd games. Callum just couldnt get his tactics right on the night though.

Karond Kar Oblivion victorious again and look forward to playing a Human team next.

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