Tuesday, 3 December 2013

2000AD Judge Dredd Campaign Tournament Part 3

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This is the final post of my recent involvement in the Judge Dredd Campaign held at Mongoose Publishing and covers the last two games. Game's 6 and 7.

Game 6 vs Richard and his Mega-City 1 Judges - Turf War Scenario.

Well this was it, the most anticipated game of the day. My unstopable rolling East Meg machine vs the Capitalist Mega-City Judges. Coincidently to make the game even more fluffy we ended up on table 2 which was dominated by urban ruins and drew the Turf War Scenario.

This would be a straight fight then. Most damage wins. Our aim - to destroy each others forces. As Richard was slightly just ahead of me in credits I got the option to add a Mercenary character and decided to take a Las-cannon armed Assassin just for fun (he more than made up for his employement)

Sides were determined and forces were set up. Richard had a very strong force with 2 Riot Judges, 1 armed with Riot foam which could clog up me Sentenoid Robot that I had newly aquired. A Med Judge, A Psi Judge and a few more normal Judges, 1 armed with a Lawrod (Rifle version of the Lawgiver pistol)

I gained first turn and mostly moved my forces into the ruins gaining plenty of hard cover. Except for my Assassin who perched ontop of a ruin managed to get a bead on a concealed Judge and with a fantastic shot - smoaked him in one hit. Judge Armour is no defence against a high powered laser beam! Richard pretty much did the same in his turn but got revenge on the Assassin by firing a Disarming Shot against him from his Lawrod Judge and managed to hit. This meant the Assassin had now lost his Las Cannon for the game.

Tactically as I wanted to gain the advantage I thought I would let Richard come to me and I would stay defensive and pick off his Judges. This was working quite well with a few more Mega-City Judges falling to well placed shots from Pulaski (Carbine and Satelat) and Aaronovitch.

Then his Super Stealth Riot Judge with Riot Foam made a move against my Sentanoid. With my force only having low Will scores I kept failing to spot the Riot Judge and he got a shot on my Sentaniod....but missed! mwhahah.

Throwing caution to the wind I moved my Assassin towards him as now being unarmed I had nothing to lose with this character and against all odds won the check on his Stealth. I could see him...I could now charge him...whats more important is all the rest of my force could now see the Riot Judge..whats that waiting behind the wall? Oh its a Sentenoid thats not activated yet!

But first I had to resolve the Melee combat. Its no surprise, the Assassin was beaten to death by the Riot Judge. But then up rumbled the Sentenoid. With its twin Cannon practically point blank at the Riot Judge in the open, all that was left when the smoke cleared was a wet red stain on the ground.

The Mega-City Judges tried in vain to claw back some advantage but this again crumbled as another Judge was summerily dispatched by a Satelat laser to the face. The other Riot Judge got Grigorski's flamerthrower at point blank and turned extra crispy and the Psi Judge after failing to put a crushing mind blow on one of my Sovs was gunned down where she stood.

The East Meg Invasion force was victorious. Not one Sov Judge had been taken out and the hated American Megger's had been decimated.

With both Richard and I gained equal credits even though I won and he lost I now had the advantage as all my heroes had gained a level and this now put me in 1st place overall.

Game 7 vs Rob's Zombie Horde - demolition Scenario.

Back playiing Zombies again. Back on table 1 again. Back to demolition Scenario again. his time I was challenging and had to destoy the objective to win. However! Rob now had 71 ZOMBIES !!!!! plus his Zombie Mistress and a Pyrokinetic Psyker to boot.

I was not even going to bother trying to complete the objective as I didnt need to win the game, just destroy enough Zombies, gain enough experience to level up me Heroes and stay alive.

Remeber at the beginning of Post 1 I said *accruing the most credits would be the winner. * This is the important bit (not actually winning every game)
So the long slog started. I basically set up my forces to try and get as much firepower against each Zombie Mob before gradually retreating back, turning to fire, retreating back, turning to fire etc..etc..

I made one big mistake right at the beginning though and bunched a load of guys together in cover (against what!!! zombies dont shoot) this game the Pyro a perfect opportunity and flame blasted me twice with a large blast template which did quite alot of hits but fortunately didnt take any one out.

This made me think twice and I very quickly scooted out of her range and continued to blast the Undead. My forces were slowly getting pushed into a corner but I managed to take out a whole mob on the left flank which gave me a little room to move (but thats where the Pyro was so wasnt all good)

I finally lost a poor new sov Judge that I had drafted right before the game began in Melee with about 12 Zombies! he was totally dragged down and torn apart. My Sentenoid nearly got over run by a mob but only just managed to avoid them by a matter of millimeters.

Matt Sprange (Owner of Mongoose) then called time. It was over.....I was exhausted, at the end of the game I had destroyed 32 Zombies (Rob stated that this was the biggest Zombie Kill all day) every one of my Heroes had leveled up and the final credits were tallied.

Richard had also won his last game but because of the mauling I had given him he had had to buy a lot of new Judges (due to the ones I had killed) which had decreased his credits.

I HAD WON - VICTORY TO THE EAST MEG JUDGES, my name would be honoured by the Diktatorat.

L-R-Richard, Andrew, Me, Andrew Paul, Rob, Trish
An absloute cracking day, great games and really good opponents, Cant wait for the next one.


  1. Congrats on the win. But bigger congrats for having fun and enjoying yourself.

  2. Cheers Clint, the other players made it fun and enjoyable (plus me destroying Richard Mwhahaha)

  3. That sounded like a bloody blast, congrats sir!

    1. Thanks Fran. The Zombie games were a slaughter fest and decimating the Mega-City 1 Judges was hillarious.

  4. Great bat rep. Makes me want to have a game. Must find a club down in the south...

    1. Plenty of them, depending on where you are. Ever in Cambridgeshire your welcome for a game.