Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Nordringen Titans

Hello Bloodbowl fans and welcome again to another report from the Astro-Granite. The Oblivion are semi reeling after their dismal last game against the Amazons even though they managed a draw and now face a very solid Human team full of experienced Guard players and a hulking Ogre.

The rain is pouring down here in the stadium, but that hasnt stopped the flood of Dark Elf fans turning up and giving their team a slight advantage. The Oblivion have also secured the services of a Mercenary Witch Elf for this game.

The Titans win the toss and the Obvlion kick. The Humans carry out a quick snap and put a huge wall of armoured Guards right across the pitch. The Oblivion, bloodlust soaring thanks to dark perverse rites carried out before the game pile into the Humans. A Blitzer KO's a Human Lineman and then another Blitzer catches another Human Lineman just right and KILL'S him!!!!!

The Humans go after the Witch Elf seeing her as more of a threat than the rampaging Blitzers, but they end up being stalled by her agile form. The rest of the Oblivion team race towards the endzone seeing as the Humans are mostly out of position and they manage to crowd the Ogre and send him to the ground.

A Dark Elf Blitzer KO's the Titans Thrower, whilst the Humans gang up on Dark Elf Lineman and KO him. A sneaky Oblivion Lineman tries putting the boot in whilst the Ref isnt looking but mistimes it and gets Sent Off!

Finally in charge of the ball the Oblivion skip across the line to score TOUCHDOWN!! 1-0 the teams set up quickly as it nears the end of the half and after a High Kick the Titans front line Badly Hurt a Dark Elf Lineman CAS.

The Second Half gets underway and the weather suddenly changes and becomes lovely blue skies with just a gentle breeze. The Titans manage to SI an Oblivion Lineman smashing his hip. The Witch Elf blitzes a Human Catcher and gets a CAS whilst both sides fail to collect the loose ball which bounces around in a crowd of players. Oblivions number #16 Blitzer puts the hurt out again and KILLS his second opposing player of the game, the Witch Elf manages to scoop up the ball then dodges away from the opposition and throws the ball up field but misses her target.

The Humans react strongly and stun Dark Elf players left, right and centre and also manage to stop the Witch Elf from dodging away, grinning as the lithe, evil Witch crashes to the floor.

The Oblivion players still on their feet surge forward and surround the Witch Elf as the Humans try and foul her. A few Blitzers race up the pitch and cover the loose ball. The ball is finally collected and is trown quickly to the waiting Dark Elf Runner who is suddenly KO'd by a rampaging Ogre.

The ball is Dumped-Off and caught by a nearby Blitzer in a commanding area. The Titans players cant reach him, the Ref is going for his whistle as its near the end of the game......just a few more yards...just a few more seconds....IT'S THERE!!! the Oblivion Blitzer smashes the last Human near the endzone out of the way and dives over the line. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! 2-0.

The Oblivion are outright winners and seem to have found their destructive form yet again.

Thanks for tuning in and look forward to the next exciting game report.


  1. I wish I still had my origional Bloodbowl game (with the polystyrene pitch). Good to see this game still has legs!

    1. This game is huge Lee. Probably the best game GW ever did. Would be even better if they would sell the rights and let someone else support it.

  2. Back on from this match! Nice one Carl!

  3. My dark elf team is also based in Karond Kar (link: