Monday, 4 November 2013

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Sect of Temptation

Welcome Bloodbowl fans to another cracking game in the Old World Conference. This game tonight see's the Sect of Temptations Amazons hosting the up and coming Dark elf team Karond Kar Oblivion. The Oblivion of late have been dominating their home division but now we are onto the cross divisional matches and some tough games are coming up, especially this one as the Sect are a very experienced and established team from the steaming jungles of Lustria.
The weather is nice, just like it usually is in Lustria and the Sect have the advantage of the home fans, whilst the Oblivion have brought along a Mercenary Witch Elf. The coin is tossed and the Oblivion elect to receive the ball.
The ball is kicked high and Oblivions Runner fluffs the catch, could this be the start of things to come? The Dark Elves surge forward and collect the ball on the way but very little progress is made. The Amazons have got the Dark Elves locked down on the side in the centre of the pitch and the Oblivion just cant achive any break though.
Things go bad to worse and a Sect Blitzer takes out the Witch Elf causing a CAS. Its near the end of the first half and the Oblivion have one play left. A Blitzer dodges away from a Sect Linewoman and sprints towards the endzone on the opposite side of the field. The Runner dodges away from the mass of players and finds space for a Long Bomb pass....................IT'S GOOD! the pass is spiralled down the pitch into the waiting hands of the Blitzer who skips into the endzone to score just as the whistle goes TOUCHDOWN!!!! 1-0.
Second half and the Oblivion kick. The Amazon fans enraged that thier team is losing Throw a Rock which hits and KO's a Dark Elf Blitzer. The Oblivion try and contain the Amazons as they dart forward, but it looks like their half time Rituals have not been answered as every agility move is failed and the Sect deftly score very quickly. TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-1. The Amazons dance in the endzone and offer a Dark Elf fan to their Jungle Gods which see them set up in a Perfect Defence after the ball is kicked again.
The Oblivion collect the ball and try and gain momentum down the wing but are let down as a Dark Elf Lineman KO's himself whilst trying to dodge.
The game becomes a complete stalemate as the Oblivion try and contain the pressure they are getting from the Sect and play out a draw.
Full time and both teams go in bloody and brusied with honours even. Toughtest game so far for the Oblivion and they were lucky not to get turned over with their awful play.
They have a strong Human team up next so until then sports fans Goooooodnight!


  1. Sounded like it was a tough equally matched game. I bet you enjoyed it more than normal.

    1. I actually didn't enjoy it that much at all mate. Got totally clogged and ran out of avenues and dice were against me all game. It was a real fluke pulling off the long bomb to score.

  2. Oh, looks like there were lot of ones rolled on the d6... When Elf teams start to fail dodges and even fans Throw Rocks its lucky enough to manage a tie. Maybe buy a new pair of dice for the next game...

    1. You want to see how many Bloodbowl dice I have and how many I used in that game. Ah well cant win em all !