Tuesday, 26 November 2013

2000AD Judge Dredd Campaign Tournament Part 1.

One Night in Mega City One, a campaign tournament ran by Mongoose Publishing in Swindon. This was a one day affair and would be ran according to the campaign rules in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rulebook but simplified (no territories or rep scores etc.)

Seven games would be played and at the end of the day the force *accruing the most credits would be the winner. * This is the important bit (not actually winning every game)

Six intrepid souls arrived and each person had an unique force (some decided on that very morning by means of literally flipping a coin)

Andrew Paul - Brit Cit Justice Dept.
Andrew - Citi-Def.
Trish - Ape Gang.
Rob - Zombie Horde.
Me - East Meg Invasion Force.
Richard - Mega City 1 Justice Dept.

This first part will include my first 3 games.

My initial force consisted of Senior East Meg Judge Aaronovitch, Judge Pulaski with a Carbine, Judge Belogorka and Judge Vostok.

Game 1 vs Andrew and his Citi-Def - Demolition Scenario.

I drew table 1 and we then determined the scenario which ended up being Demolition. Andrew won the dice off and ended up the challenging player. This meant he had to get to the objective in the centre of the table and spend 8 Special Actions to blow it up.

I just had to stop him. I used my special talent of Fixer to bring in Sov Judge Stravinsky from a different Sektor (Merc) to add an extra bit of fire power. The Citi-Def moved straight towards the objective and opened fire on the East Meg forces. Suddenly Judge Stravinsky that had been drafted was peppered with rounds from a frenzied Spit gun attack taking him out of action. My Carbine armed Sov Judge Pulaski gained a bead on the celebrating Spit Gunner and sends him to Resyk with a concentrated burst.

The Citi-Def Medic manages to save his Officer after he is hit numerous times by the Sov forces whilst Rookie Sov Judge Vostok is gunned down uncerimoniously for being out of cover. The Sovs react by taking out a twin Spit Pistol armed Citi-Def soldier and finally Senior East Meg Judge Aaronvitch attacks the Citi-Def Officer in hand to hand combat and crushes his skull with a deftly aimed daystick strike.

The Medic deems running away is the better part of valour and legs it leaving the East Meg forces victorious.

After the game Judge Vostok is sent to Siberia for his useless contribution and a new Sov Judge Ivanovitch is seconded to the force.

Game 2 vs Andrew Paul and his Brit Cit Justice Dept - Heist Scenario.

Again on table 1 and this time we got the Heist scenario with my Sovs being the attacking force. My East Meg Judges set up in the middle of the table and had a number of objective counters which they
need to get of any table edge. Unfortunately the Brit Cit Judges would find it difficult to stop me as they only had 2 Judges and a Detective and decided to split up their deployment to cover as much ground as they could.

The Sovs make their move and head west, the only direction not covered by opposing forces. Whilst the majority are racing to safety, Sov Judge Pulaski guns down Brit Cit Judge Deed who broke cover and paid for it fatally.

With only two members of the Brit Cit Justice Dept left so early on they tried to make a play to stop at least a few of the Sovs and Para (Psychic) Judge Hopkirk is the next poor soul to meet his maker as Pulaski opens up again with his Carbine.

Sov Judge Belogorka charges at the lone Detective Judge Dixon who decides to run away leaving the rest of the East Meg forces an easy exit for a Sov Victory.

At the end of this game I had enough Credits to hire a new Hero, East meg Judge Grigorski armed with a Flamethrower.

Game 3 vs Rob and his Zombie Horde - Demolition Scenario.

Yet again on table 1 and this game saw Rob and his Zombies as the challenging player trying to blow up the objective. Could I really take down enough of the shambling undead before they blew it up. Rob placed down nearly 30 odd Zombies in a number of mobs all armed with explosives!!!

The Zombie Mistress controlling the horde took an early snipe at my closest Judge and with the comment of "dont worry she's crap at shooting" from Rob still echoing over the table I saw my Judge Ivanovitch summerily dispatched.

The Sovs open up with everything they have and destroyed.......2 Zombies! this game would be a test for my awful shooting dice. The Zombies slowly amble towards the objective whilst my forces continue to gun down more and more...but its never enough and eventually the Zombies swarm the objective and its blow sky high!

Zombies win as I just couldnt destroy enough of them to stop them getting all their Special Actions. Fortunately though my Judge Ivanovitch was only faking his injury and slinks back to his unit.

So at the end of Game 3 I was in second place to Richards Mega City 1 Justice Dept who had so far not lost a single character and was racking up the Credits.

Games 4 and 5 to be continued in Part 2.


  1. I really did enjoy the write up. It really makes me think I should cheer myself up and get a force and join in next time round. I will have a serious think about it now!

    1. You should Clint. Really cheap to start as 500creds is the starting force cost which could be anything from 3 - 6 miniatures to begin with. Its such a fast fun game as well.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. As well as a good variety of scenario's amongst the first 3 games. Look forward to reading part 2

  3. Great wrote up, sounds like you had a blast!

    1. Cheers Lee. The whole day was briliant. Loads of fun (even with awful dice rolling)

  4. It was such a blast Simon. The next few games were even more fun/hillarious for various reasons and include Ape gangs and all out Apocolypse war against MC-1 Judges!