Saturday, 7 September 2013

New HDWSBBL BloodBowl League starts

The new annual HDSWBBL Bloodbowl league has now commenced and this year I am starting with a brand new Dark Elf Team called the Karond Kar Oblivion.

Last season I won the league with my hideously monsterous Undead team - Atrocity Exhibition, but this year I decided to go with a starting team. Its going to be hard going this season as we see quite a few old teams returning. There is a Vampire team that I narrowly beat in the final last season as well as two Chaos teams that have been running for about 3 seasons. Add to these returning Norse and a few others.

But on the flip side we are also seeing an influx of brand new teams that dont usually show up. we have 2 starting Halfling teams and a couple of Slann.

This is my whole Dark Elf team (not what I will be starting with though)

Blitzers and Witch Elves

 Head Coach, Apocathary and Cheerleaders

LineElves and a Runner

My starting team for the league is going to be:
  • 1 x Runner
  • 4 x Blitzers
  • 6 x Linemen
  • 2 x Rerolls
Hopefully the Runner will get enough Star Player Points from the first game to give him Leader for that extra ReRoll and the winnings (I hope) will purchase an Apothacary.

So here is to the new season and lets hope I can send all my opponents to Oblivion!!!


  1. Never had a chance to play BB but like the look of it, I like the field markings on the bases too, good work.

    1. Cheers Fran. You really must get a game. Bloodbowl is probably the best thing GW have ever done, along with a few other Specialist Games.

  2. Best of luck buddy, You did well in the last one with your undead. Lets see how this lot get on!

    1. Cheers Simon. 1st match against Norse next Thursday so here's hoping.