Saturday, 28 September 2013

BloodBowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers

Welcome again BloodBowl fans and here is the second outing for the Karond Kar Oblivion. This match was against another experienced Dark Elf team the Har Ganeth Heatbreakers. The Heartbreakers had previously played a full season and were full of Blodging Blitzers, a couple of very nasty Witch Elves and some very solid Line eleves. It was going to be a tough game.

So the Oblivion, bouyant after humiliating the Marauders in their first game, enter the arena with the weather fair and an even mix of fans for both teams filling the stands. The Oblivion have also brought along the Star Player Hubris Rakarth to even the odds slightly.

The teams set up and the Heartbreakers kick, the fans cheer loudly and the Heartbreakers take a Reroll. The Oblivion start their drive and knock into the opposition. a few Heartbreakers go down but no sever injuries are caused. The ball is collected and protected in a well practiced cage. The Heartbreakers very agile blitzer tries dodging through the Oblivions line but fails and hits the deck with a loud smack. Oblivion take the initiative and a lineman gets a good hit on an opposing blitzer and Kills him!!! the Heartbreakers Apothacary certain that he was not really dead tries to revive him but alas, yes he is DEAD!

The rest of the Oblivion team protect the ball carrier and Hubris blitzes a Heartbreaker Lineman but the opposite player is made off stern stuff and holds his ground. The Heartbreakers get a good blitz on the Oblivions ball carrier who has ended up not as protected as he thought. The Runner goes down and the ball scatters free to the advantage of the Heartbreakers. They collect the ball and its thrown for a short pass to a waiting blitzer. The Oblivion slam into them KO'ing a few but unable to catch the opposing blitzer, who skips across the line to score TOUCHDOWN 0-1.
The Oblivion seething at being turned over receive the ball from the Heartbreakers kick, after it bounces off the field. The Runner makes a dart down the sideline and soon ends up in a crush of Heartbreakers. The ball is managed to be passed long and the Oblivion go on a hitting spree, although the opposition are hit hard no CAS are caused. Hubris blitzes and causes a hole. a few more Heartbreakers are KO'd and the Oblivion manage to get in and score TOUCHDOWN 1-1!!

The second half kicks off and the Heartbreakers have managed to recover the majority of their KO'd players. The ball is kicked and the weather threatens to turn to finally stays nice. The Heartbreakers blitz done the line and end up KO'ing an Oblivion lineman. Oblivion respond and try to trap the Heartbreakers on the sidelines. The heartbreakers blitz again down the line and then pull off a short pass to a blitzer who sprints to the line. The Oblivion try and crowd the ball carrier but the Heartbreakers player is just to agile and dances away to score TOUCHDOWN 1-2!!!

The Heartbreakers kick and the ball lands right near the line of scrimmage and the Ref is bribed to look the other way if any fouls are committed. The Oblivion now make a move through the centre with Hubris KO'ing a Witch Elf. Hubris then gets a hit on a blitzer which puts the opposing player in the way of a rampaging Oblivion blitzer and the Heartbreakers player goes down CAS'd. There is now a direct line opened up towards the endzone and the Oblivion ball carrier makes off with a dash. Heartbreakers try and chase him down and their star blitzer gets the closest but ends up KO'ing himself.
Oblivion put the hurt on a few opposing players and then get into the endzone to draw the match TOUCHDOWN 2-2!!

A very tough backwards and forwards game. The Heartbreakers were lucky with the way the ball bounded after they blitzed the ball carrier in the first half but Oblivion worked well to come back and score so quickly. I really though my mate Dave who was playing the Heartbreakers would stall in the second half to win 2-1 but he left me enough turns to get back into the game.

I now have a very fast but fragile Skaven team in the next game. Must catch and kill them damn Gutter Runners before they run riot.


  1. Well done on pulling off a draw. Look forward to the next match!

    1. Cheers Simon, deading playing Skaven as I havnt got a good track record against the nippy sneaking rats.

  2. Good sounding and looking game Carl, good draw as well!

    1. Had to bloomin work hard for the draw. Not used to defending so much but it was a good match.