Saturday, 14 September 2013

BloodBowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Asguard Marauders

Hello sports fans and welcome to the first match of a brand new season. I'm your resident match commentator Trip Dover and tonight I have our first report. The Oldworld Conference has kicked off and we see a new Dark Elf team the Karond Kar Oblivion take on veteran Norse team the Asguard Marauders.

You might remember the Marauders from last season as they were suitable mauled by the awesomely monsterous Undead team Atrocity Exhibition (my team from last season, if you read my past posts)

Its perfect weather in the Marauders stadium and the Oblivion are visiting this freezing wasteland for the first time. The Oblivion being the underdogs have managed to bring with them a freelance Apothacary and best of all the Star Player Hubris Rakarth has turned up for them. The Norse have won the toss but have elected to kick, hoping I imagine that if the Dark Elves score quickly they can get an equalizer before half time. We will have to see....but what we do want to see is carnage!!

The teams set up and the ball is booted. The Oblivion catch the Marauders with a quick snap and a Blitzer slams into one of the Norsemen's Ulfenwerner and Badly Hurts him straight from the get go. The Oblivion collect the ball and gradually grind into the Marauders.

Another Blitz and OUCH there goes a Marauders Thrower out the game Badly Hurt. Seething a Marauders lineman tries to smash a Dark Elf Linemen but the hurt rebounds and he is Badly Hurt, the Marauders are 3 men down and we are only a third of the way through the half.

The Oblivion have time now to move the ball quicker and start to single out Marauders players for special attention. The Marauders spare Thrower is Badly Hurt on a startling Blitz and a Lineman is KO'd that hard by Hubris it looks like it could be sometime till he recovers.

The Marauders in desperation try a risky Blitz with a frenzied Berserker but he gets crushed between two Oblivion players and goes of Badl Hurt. Looks like one of the Oblivion players is grinning maliciously there as he enjoys the experience.

Right at the end of the half now and Oblivions Runner skips into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-0

Second half now and the Marauders are struggling due to injuries and some of the KO'd Norse failing to recover. Not many left to mount a decent offence. The Oblivion kick high and the Marauders collect the ball easily and surge forward managing to KO a Dark Elf Lineman. The Dark Elves have the numbers though and mount a very successful defence, trapping the Norse against the far touchline. the Marauders last Ulfenwerner slams and dodges his way from the the edge of the pitch between a pack of Dark Elves and pulls of a fantastic Blitz smashing a Lineman to the ground.

The play is getting completely bogged down though with Oblivion players crowding around the remaining Norsemen. The Marauders ball carrier tries to dodge out of the pack and make a break but is Blitzed in return by Hubris Rakarth and slammed of the pitch. The screaming fans hurl the ball back which ends up half way across the pitch.

A Oblivion Lineman charges off and manages to reach, collect and then pull of a long pass with the ball to a waiting Blitzer who promptly sprints off towards the endzone. The Oblivion now in complete control have their Blitzers moving and passing the ball with ease and soon score again TOUCHDOWN!!! 2-0

The teams set up again and the Oblivion kick but its near the end of the game and the Marauders have no chance to rectify the huge upset we have seen here. The Oblivion end the match outright winners and have seriously embarrassed a very experienced team.

Lets see if this fledgling but very well managed Dark Elf team can keep it up especially as their next match is against another experience Dark Elf team.

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  1. Huzzah 2 - 0 great job. Go Go Karond Kar Oblivion!!!!!!