Friday, 30 August 2013

Miniature Bids Wargames Auctions

Tor Gaming who produce the wonderful Relics range of miniatures are soon to launch their own Wargames Auction site. I for one am certainly looking forward to this as I have recently become very dissillusioned with Ebay and no long use Bartertown (due to the fact that its a majority is the USA and doing International trades just is not worth the increasing costs involved) I must state that there is a Bartertown UK but this is very much a fledgling site and does not meet my requirements.

Concerning which countries Miniature Bids will cover on its launch. These are the following locations:

UK, EU, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Initially, bidding will be restricted to auctions in your home country but they will be working on opening up international bidding very soon after launch.

The success of MiniatureBids will be down to people like you doing what you can to spread the word!...

Please share this post with your friends and fellow Bloggers, to any gaming FB groups you are a member of and any wargaming forums you frequent.

The more people that know about MiniatureBids, the better it will be for us all and we can all say goodbye to the (IMHO) shocking Ebay.
Free to buy and free to sell - owned by Tor Gaming

Miniature Bids - A tabletop Auction site with the aim of giving the the wargamer more bang for their bucks.



  1. Shared it on Facebook this morning!

  2. Hmm I must say that is very interesting. I am sure we all have stalled projects we would like to trade. Like yourself getting VERY disillusioned with eBay.