Saturday, 17 August 2013

Black Scorpion Miniatures

Just a quick post to wax lyrical at the fantastic customer care service from Adam at Black Scorpion. I had initially purchased a set of Resin Outlaw miniatures (see pic below) to use as my gang in Dead Mans Hand (see previous post about Dead Mans Hand game) but on receipt of these miniatures the quality was terrible, bad casting, brittle weapons and terrible amounts of flash.

I emailed Adam and highlighted these issues and he emailed me back fully apologising for the lapse in quality control and maybe I had received a bad batch from an old mold. He then offered to send a new pack for free or I could choose any pack from the range as he was adamant that the normal standards are very high.
So I took the very kind offer and requested the Tombstone 2 pack (see pic below) and these arrived very quickly and I am happt to say the quality is superb. Very sharp crisp casting and next to no flash at all.

Tombstone 2
Overall the service from Black Scorpion and Adam has been fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend them for your Wild West miniature needs.


  1. Really good to hear nice things about a company as so often we only hear when things go wrong. Excellent service and very nice figures. Both packs look the business please show the figures when you have them painted. Thanks in advance.

  2. Great service, at least they admitted and rectified their mistake, some manufacturers, just don't bother.

  3. Good to hear, rarely happens though!

  4. Good to hear it was resolved quickly and your pleased with the new pack

  5. I just bought the usmc set from their store and I'm expecting problems what with the international post here and all (UAE post). How'd you get in touch with them?