Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Crooked Dice 7th Voyage, Terrain Update

I have been incredibly busy recently and not been around to blog much. My wife had a full week nearly to celebrate her 40th Birthday and then the Military decided I shouldnt have any time off and needed to do something more dangerous but completely unproductive instead.

Added to that our horse decided to go lame and nearly give us a heart attack with the vet bill! fortunately it wasnt too sever.

Anyway below are two stock pictures on what I am currently working on. I dont really like posting WIP as am too self critical, but am nearly finished, so another post shortly will show the completed terrain.

King Aeetes and Colchis Warriors also still WIP.


  1. Sounds good at least your busy with work :D Look forward to seeing the finished articles :D

    1. Got all next week off now, so hope to get everything finished.

  2. I completely understand about not wanting to do WIP blog posts I'm the same. Horses.... what can I say! Having grown up with horses (Thanks Sis) probably quite a lot. But I refuse to bore you. I am looking forward to the 7th Voyage terrain and eventually an AAR. So just keep plugging away and we shall enjoy it when it happens.

  3. Yep nearly ready for an AAR. No great suprise that it is going to be based on the scene in the Argonauts film where Aeetes raises the Children of the Hydra.

  4. Nice terrain, looking forward to seeing the finished product.