Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wargaming Girl Tamsins Giveaway Prize Draw

Yet another wonderful Blogger has met a milestone. 100k page views, cracking achievement. So in the ongoing tradition Tamsin is having a wee give away.

You can find all the details on her blog here Wargaming Girl Prize Draw

Just as a little update, here are links to each days prize draw.

Day 1 - Warlord Games Bolt Action Plastic British Infantry Box.

Day 2 - £21 worth of stuff from Ground Zero Games or £25 voucher for Baccus 6mm.

Day 3 - Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Royalist Infantry Box.

Day 4 - Reaper Bones Miniatures.

Day 5 - Warlord Games Hail Caesar Plastic 28mm Spartans Box

Superb prizes I think you will agree!


  1. More lovely pimpage! Thanks!

    1. Very welcome. Gotta win a return prize ;-)