Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tor Gaming - Relics Tournament

Tabletop Nation deep in the wilds of Essex (well Hockly near Southend) held host to Tor Gamings inaugural Expo and Tournament. As well as the tournament, which was quiet well attended by 8 mad fools, there were demo's of the game and also the cracking painters of Worthy Painting were on hand to discuss painting tips and even had live painting going on.

I must admit seeing them put a Vaettir Cylod together from scratch and have the thing painted to expert standard in a few hours is awe inspiring!

The tournament consisted of 3 games, each with a different scenario. Game 1 would be a Kill them All. Game 2 would be Control the Centre and Game 3 would be Control Points. Games 2 and 3 also had extra objectives which coould net you more points if they were matched. These consisted of things like the first Commander Kill or the first enemy unit to be Shaken.

Forces taking part;

3 x Britanan
2 x Orcnar
2 x Nuem
1 x Vaettir

Game 1 vs Jamie (Britanan vs Britanan)

As stated this game would be a kill them all scenario, and we both set up very similar armies. Both Jamie and I had practically the same army but some units differed in numbers and Jamie also had an extra Marksman.

The first few turns went by with nothing more than movement and positioning, but then the leadstorm began! unfortunately for Jamie, the hailstorm all landed on him and by the end of the game I had destroyed his whole army leaving him with about 4 models. I had only lost a couple of Highlander, a Dragoon and a Trooper!

Total Victory to me.

Game 2 vs Ridmasta (Britanan vs Nuem)

Control the Centre game and the extra objective was the first Commander Kill.  I was up against Ridmasta's Iron Nuem Warriors of Doom and these pain loving Sado Dwarves were rock solid! after starting reasonably well and wiping out his screening Penatentium unit, the Nuem stormed into my poor Puppets and masacred them. With a Wall of Dedicartus and Tormenta's obscurred by the Specialis Pueri Black winds I just couldnt cause enough damage and they systematically destroyed me unit by unit.

Total Defeat.

Game 3 vs Christine (Britanan vs Nuem)

Great! another game against Nuem. I had received such a beating from Ridmasta's Nuem that I was resigned to another beating as Christines army practically echoed Rid's although she had a unit of Concursus and less Sagitarrius.

However this game was not just Control the Centre but Control Points (4 to be exact) and we each placed 2 objective markers. I was hoping this would mean the Nuem would have to loosen their formations a bit and therefore allow me to maybe cause more damage.

From the beginning of the game I was right. Christine got a few units bogged down trying to cross some difficult terrain and my Ranged Units started picking of hers left right and centre. best moment of the game was my CSM showing the boys how its done by slightly moving to the flank of his Trooper Unit and loosing a Pistol shot at a lone Specialis Pueri lurking near a Control Point and taking its last wound. Boss leading from the front.

By the end of the game I was control the majority of the Objectives, had achieved the secondary objective of making an enemy unit Shaken first and decimated Christine's whole army.

Total Victory to me.

So I ended the day Won 2, Lost 1. It was all down to the other games and points to see where we were all placed.

Rob and Gav who had organised the Tournament finally announced the winners and Ridmasta had won 1st place with 3 straight wins. I came 2nd and embarrasinging I cant remember the guys name came 3rd with his Orcnar.

Christine won both painting awards for Best army and best unit.

Overall a cracking day out, really nice people and 3 really great games against very enjoyable opponents.

My Britanan Army

Christine's Nuem army (Best Painted Winner)

Another Britanan army

Pink Docga on right won Best Unit


  1. I like your figures as they really stand out on the tabletop. It seems as if this weekend was a big one for tournaments everywhere. So glad you got to get in some games and have a good time.

    1. Thanks Anne, yeh the whole day was great.

  2. Well done on getting 2nd place though mate. Sounds like you had a great day. Would you be using different tactics against the Nuem in future or will you be revising your army composition?

    1. There are a few additions I could work in to change the army. Mainly armoured Heavy Dragoons and Rangers. With the central control scenario though Nuem do have the advantage as they can turtle up which allows their commanders AoE ability to give them a good defensive boost - tough to crack. However Nuem are slightly nerfed in the new revised rulebook so will be interesting next tourny ;-) Main tactic though like in game 3, try and spread out their units then destroy mwhahahaha

  3. Will be interesting to see all the changes with the new edition yeah!