Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Crooked Dice 7th Voyage, Greek Characters

A nice set of characters to go along with my increasing range of Greek Mythonlogy, 7th Voyage miniatures.  All miniatures are by Wargames Foundry and shield designs by Little Big Men Studios.

Here we have. On the left - Atalanta, at the back - Hylas, on the right - Medea and at the front - Phineas.
Next in line is King Aeetes with his guards. I have enough Colchis warriors now to convert a few to bowmen and axemen as well as the normal spear weilding warriors.


  1. I have now pledged for Deadzone (Finally I can hear you sigh).

    I will get a chat with Karl at CD in 3 weeks so I'll have more of a look at 7th voyage then. And the figures look great.

    1. Cheers Clint. 7th Voyage does have its differences to 7tv, primarily focusing on melee instead of ranged combat and magic is always fun !!