Monday, 22 April 2013

Salute 2013 Part 2 - The Loot

Ok Part 2 of my Salute 2013 adventure and this part shows off all the lovely hobby goodness that I managed to take possession of.

I went to this years show with a very specific shopping list in mind and was not going to alleviate from it one bit, no shiney magpie sir...honest...ok who am I kidding...the list went out the window the minute I started shopping, and although I got most of what was on it I also ended up with some completely different items.

I mainly didnt get any buildings or terrain that I originally wanted!

My first pile of goodies were the New 7th Voyage rules and token set from the lovely people at Crooked Dice Karl, Morgan, Helena and the rest are a fantastic bunch and I love their products. I also picked up a print copy (as I already have the PDFs) of the 7tv Heroes Programme Guide, a smashing weighty tome!

Next up was a trip over to Wayland Games to pick up a Relics starter set (Vaettir, nasty evil elementals and fairies) which also gained me a free Relics blister pack, plus I managed to get a nice free handful of Relics faction dice as well.

Browsing Caliver Books netted me a German Army Forces book for Bolt Action, I play Fallschirmjager so this was a welcome purchase (and I got it half price)

One of my Shiney Moments was seriously influenced by the setting for Salute 2013, Jason and the Argonauts. This was further enchanced with the demo game I had of 7th Voyage at Crooked Dice's stand, so onto Wargames Foundy and a couple of packs of Argonaut miniatures found their way into my possession. I also ordered both packs of the Children of the Hydra (Greek Mythology Skeletons) which I am waiting on being posted to me.

I also managed to further my Argonaut project by obtaining Osprey's Myths and Legends Jason and the Argonauts book as well as half a dozen of the plastic special Salute Jason miniature (thanks to everyone who passed me an extra figure that they didnt want/require)

The Salute dice will also fit in nicely as they have an etched Athenian/Argonaut Helmet as the 6!

Bushido is another one of my favourite games, a fast paced fantsy oriental skirmish game from GCT Studios which has evolved from its initial start. So I collected a new Dai Bakemono for my Savage Wave and all the new stat cards for the initial four factions.

I had recently pledged my support for Mongoose Publishing Judge Dredd Miniature Game kickstarter and went over to chat away to Matt Sprange. Matt had the new resin Manta Prowl tank on display, which is an immense piece (pics to come in a forthcoming Salute post) and I came away with an extra set of World Judges. These are great and depict Judges from other Mega Cities like Hondo Cit, Emerald Isle, Luxor and the Vatican City.

Last but by no means least, not exactly a purchase but winning loot - A Golden Ninja. This was won for being the best Ninja during the first participation game of Tenchu Assassins hosted by Wargames Soliders & Strategy Magazine.

This was a real fun game setting 4 Ninja's on various missions and used a card sytem similar to Muskets and Tommahawks for movement and reactions etc..

The Golden Ninja !

Overall not a bad wee haul, and still came home with a couple of quid in me back pocket!


  1. All very cool and groovy! Makes me feel I might have missed out! Some really nice stuff. I must admit I'm in two minds about 7th Voyage but I am sure I will eventually crumble and get it!

    1. Crumble away Clint, its awesome. Just like everything that the Crooked Ones produce!

  2. Nice haul. Did you just miss the buildings or did you change your mind? Look forward to seeing Jason and his Argonauts in action. Chop chop get them painted!

    1. Just changed my mind Simon. I was going to get some Micro Art Studio Infinity Walkways and some Tree's and scatter terrain. Changed my mind as I think I can scratchbuild what I need.

  3. Nice haul mate, look forward to seeing the Argonauts in action! Might give me the inspiration to get round to paint mine, and whack him into my fantasy army somewhere

    1. Yeh, going to start on the argonauts next month and hopefully will get a few more packs of Greek Mythology miniatures and get some scenery built (but I am so slow painting and building)

  4. A very nice bundle of loot there mate. Although I tend to focus on the demo games (snapping away like a mad man) its the number of traders at Salute that is its real strong point. Its the once time of year I can be sure to get what I need, and then some!