Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salute 2013 Part 1 - The Bloggers Meet Up

Salute 2013 this year was fantastic. For me it was one of the best I have been to for various reasons.  I got there fairly early and had a pre-paid ticket but I still didnt expect to be as near to the beginning of the queue as I was. I had nothing to put on the Bring and Buy this year so that probably adds to the fact that I enjoyed Salute more as I had more time to join in participation games and browse the traders (read ... buy lots of stuff and have wild eyed magpie shiney moments)

Anyway as part 1 of the Salute posts, it had been bandied around blog land following last year's success, that Ray and Fran were organising another meetup of bloggers this year. By organised, I mean that Ray posted the invite to meet up on his blog that bloggers could all meet up in a certain location at 1 pm.

So at the appointed time over I wandered and saw a veritable plethora of happy/tired/bewildered/demented (*deleted appropriate description) bloggers. A very friendly bunch and I was pleased to meet not only a lot of bloggers that I have followed but also the mad fools that have been foloowing my meagre efforts for the last year.

Whats is the collective term for a load of old bloggers?

Postie, Me, Big Lee, Tamsin

At least 20 odd bloggers met up in the seating area next to the B&B. I did not get to speak to everybody but here are some of the ones that turned up that I remember:

Micheal Awdrey - 28mm Victorian Warfare
Mike Whitaker - Trouble at the Mill
The Dark Templar - The Dark Templar
Sydney Roundwood - Sidney Roundwood
Ashley - Paint it Pink
Simon - Big Red Bat
Tamsin - Wargaming Girl


  1. So glad you had a good time and got to meet up with so many bloggers. Now put your feet up and have a good rest.

    1. Cheers Anne, need a good rest, but damn good weekend!

  2. Damn, I'm standing on the end at the far right of that group shot and I never got the chance to say hello in person! I'll have to make a point of it next meet up mate!

    1. Definately mate. I will no doubt be in another brightly coloured t-shirt!

  3. Great post Carl, it was good to meet you at the show, I'm in the middle of typing my post up, its taking far longer than I'd like!!!

  4. Cheers Ray, great meeting you too mate. Know what you mean about writing up posts! I still have my Loot post and Overall show post to go eek, ah well give me something to do whilst stuck on shift this week haha

  5. I was looking for a bloke in a dinner jacket! That's why I didn't recognise you! OH Drat and double drat. I should have realised! I'll know better for next year.

    I will also follow your lead and wear a lighter colour than the standard wargamers uniform of very dark colours!

    1. Oh Clint, sorry mate but the DJ is only for special occassions :-)

      Nice to know I could be a bit of a trend setter haha good job im handsome enough to pull off pink!!!

  6. Great to meet you, and all the other Bloggers as well. Its so good to finally put faces to names.

    I thought this years show went very well. The entrance queue was a bit chaotic this year - turning up early and staking your place in the line is clearly the way to go in future.