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Operation Paradigm Shift at Tabletop Nation - MERCS - Battle Reports

In conjunction with Beasts of War and Tabletop Nation MERCS Miniatures held a Worldwide Campaign.

April 13th and the FCC have with House 9 taking the lead commenced Operations to destabilise and liquidate the main Worldwide Corporations. With numerous forces both convenional and covert moving out of the Lost Margin the fight has been taking to the Megacons direct. FCC have also managed to sow infiltrators throughout the Corporations forcing them to also take major combat action against opposing MERCS units.

The world is aflame with Espionage, Sabotage and Direct all out Conflict, FCC hope to rise above the Corporations and possibly see the mighty Global Empires fall!

*****Hockly.Essex.England.EU.Inc Zone*****

Location: Destroyed Scientific Research Centre by Abandoned Flyover:
Mission: Control Points.
Forces: Kemvar vs Texico.

Both MegaCons have sent MERCS units to take control of various points around the centre which will give valuable assets to keep either MegaCon fluid in the Global Market.

Both forces started quickly bounding toward the closest control points, however the Kemvar MERCS tripped a trap that had been set up by Texico. A huge explosion ripped across the area and as the smoke cleared both the Kemvar Heavy and Monkeywrench had been blooded by Frag and the Monkeywrench couldnt move as his armour had been broken, his active camo fritzing allowing the Texico forces to make him out more clearly.

Both sides take control quickly of the nearest points and Kemvars Heavy being set, lets rip with a combined hail of fire and takes out the Texico Leader, a small yelp is heard as the Dog runs off with its tail between its legs. The Monkeywrench uses his repair kits and shimmers out of sight again. Texico's Sniper tries to get into positon but the Kemvar Sniper draws a bead on him moving a puts a round right between his eyes.

Both sides now are heavily contesting the central control point and MERCS are being blooded on both sides. Kemvar's Assassin moves from the central point and tries to take out the Texico Jaguar but cant sneak into the rear and only bloods him. Kemvars Sniper gets into an elevated position and takes aim on Texico's Jaguar who is holding a control point and kills him, although Texico's Heavy is still in possession of the Point.

Kemvars Leader now moves around a building and charges Texico's heavy and cuts him down with his energy sword, but Texico's Demo has snuck round and blasts Kemvars Monkeywrench in the face with his shotgun and takes hold of the Contol Point that the Monkeywrench was holding.

With darkness falling and both sides heavily blooded or damaged they take stock of the assets gained and mutually declare a Draw.

*****Hockley.Essex.England.EU.Inc Zone*****

Location: Destroyed Scientific Research Centre by Abandoned Flyover:
Mission: Attack and Defend.
Forces: ISS vs Kemvar.

After Texico had retreated from the area due to a high casualty count, Kemvar's forces contained and controlled the area. Data feeds from the Board suggested that ISS had nefarious forces in the area after an amphibious storming near Southend, which had been seen heavy fighting due to a CCC deep insertion mission.

Kemvars MERCS set up a defensive perimeter and awaited the ISS attack. ISS needed to destroy the defending forces to cripple Kemvar and push up energy prices for sea lane usage giving them more Oceananic control.

ISS enter the combat area under the flyover with their Wavefinder attempting to set up the Auto-Turret on the flyover, howvever the Kemvar Sniper takes a well aimed longshot and cripples her armour and makes her bleed out.

Kemvars leader takes a gamble and shoots at the Wavefinder as well, and grins as a loose round nicks through the broken armour and causes another wound. The ISS seeing the hail of rounds flying high towards the Wavefinder, hunker down and snap to cover, slowly moving towards the Kemvar positions.

The Kemvar Sniper, now reloaded with a lethal round, puts it right into the torso of the static Wavefinder, dropping her where she stood!

The ISS leader moves into a bad position and the Kemvar Heavy nicely set, sends a steady stream of rounds into him, shredding his shield and slaughtering him. The ISS Booster jacks up and moves around the flank only to be blooded repeatedly by the Monkeywrench and Kemvar Leader.

The Assassin sneaks up and makes a rear assault on the ISS Sniper and kills him and then the Booster is finally sent to his maker by a Kemvar bullet.

ISS's Heavy finally manages to get a lightening strike on the Kemvar Assassin. It bloods the Assassin and breaks his armour but arcs back and shocks the Heavy to death!

ISS forces have not only been replused but have been totally wiped out. Kemvar Victory.

*****Hockley.Essex.England.EU.Inc Zone*****

Location: Destroyed Scientific Research Centre by Abandoned Flyover:
Mission: Control Points.
Forces: CCC vs Kemvar.

After repulsing the ISS threat so decisively, the Kemvar forces consolidated their position and after receiving intelligence reports, prepared to engage CCC forces that had been moving inland. CCC were under the impression that the science station had more resources than originally believed. Kemvar just wanted to control the data packets they had already obtained.

Both sides came into contact and Kemvars Heavy after setting early lets rip and bloods the CCC Heavy forcing him into cover and setting out of postion. The CCC Demo Assault Trooper with his internal comms possibly on the fritz finds himself to far forward from his colleagues and is charged by the Kemvar Leader who seriously wounds him and breaks his armour. The Kemvar Heavy hearing instructions from his Leader lets rip at the Demo and with his armour unable to protect him, the Demo is killed.

Kemvars Sniper has steadily been repulsor tagging CCC MERCS and trying to seperate the CCC Medic from aiding his friends. Kemvars Leader not waiting to reply on tech to assist, charges into the Medic instead and deals some serious damage.

A prolonged fire-fight is conducted across the battle area with numerous MERCS on each side slowly blooded. Kemvars Assassin who has slowly moved around the area now gets into position and takes out the CCC Medic.

With CCC forces now actively challenging the central control point, Kemvars Heavy in a frenzied states lets rip and decimates the CCC MERCS, taking out not only the Heavy but also the Incinerator but catches his own Assassin in the crossfire.

However Kemvar stand victorious again at the end of the encounter.

Here a few shots various MERCS forces:

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  1. Nice batrep, they do look like nice minatures.

  2. Nice bat reps but i`m not seeing what they have to do with the global campaign as there is no mention of infiltrators or anything along those lines?

    1. Thanks for commnenting. Batreps severly edited - as mentioned above - "FCC have also managed to sow infiltrators throughout the Corporations forcing them to also take major combat action against opposing MERCS units".

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