Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well the Huntingdon District Wargames Society Bloodbowl League has finally ended. After a long hard slog decimating teams left right and centre with my Atrocity Exhibition Undead team I finally won the Old World Conference Cup gaining me access to the overall Superbowl.

The winner of the New World Conference who would be my opponent was my good friend Adrian who is a fantastic Bloodbowl coach and did absolutely awesome this season, especially as he began with a Starter Vampire team.

So after a few niggly weeks where real life and work got in the way, we both finally met to duke it out on the pitch.

Atrocity Exhibition vs Nachtafen Nightlords

The weather was very sunny and the commentators were debating whether the weather would affect the Vampires performance in the game. They had to practically shout as the roar of the blatantly advantageous undead crowd!

The teams set up and the Nightlords kick to Atrocity, the ball goes high and a Ghoul dashes up and collects it. Atrocity drive slowly towards the Vampires endzone trying to maximize the ammount of damage they can do.

Straight away two Thralls are KO'd and a Vampire Lusting for Blood charges off to find a willing virgins neck (fat chance in Huntingdon !!!) Atrocity's Star Wight Blitzes and KO's another Vampire. The Nightlords incensed finally get their plays together and a Vampire Blitzes the Ghoul with the ball and leaves him Stunned, the ball bounces free and another spare Vampire dodges in to collect it. (I made a terrible error here as thought I had left my Ghoul out of range of a Blitz and this nearly cost me the whole game straight away)

The Nightlords move the ball upfield, but a Thrall trips over a trailing bandage from a Mummy and CAS's himself. Atrocity pile into the Nightlords and a Zombie piles onto a prone Vampire with the ref calling foul. However the Vampire is CAS's but somehow manages to Regen (must have serious Factor 100 sunblock on)

A Zombie gets a good hit on a Thrall and gets a CAS then the Nightlords Vampire with the ball goes hurtling towards Atrocitys endzone, only a small extra step to score........but he stumbles.....he gains his, he's falling...he hits the ground with a wet smack and the ball flies off the end of the pitch. The fans launch the ball back into the centre of the pitch and a waiting Ghoul nods his thanks to relatives in the crowd and leaps over the opposition and dashes downfield, dancing madly as he hits the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-0 Atrocity.

2nd Half and Atrocity kick. The crowd still in a fervor after Atrocitys Zombie was sent off decide to take their anger out of the ref! The Nightlords attempt to drive the ball but Atrocity match them step for step, Thrall's are CAS'd all over the pitch until a Vampire KO's a Zombie. Atrocity finding this unacceptable get their Wight to Blitz the Vampire, which he does causing a CAS, the persistant Vampires Regen again. A Mummy slams another Thrall right of the pitch and the Wight Blitzes the Nightlords Vampire who is carrying the ball. The Vampire is crunched and the ball pops free. A Ghoul collects the ball and a Zombie fouls the prone Vampire and CAS's it.

A Mummy stands right in the way of a Thrall and the result is a CAS's Thrall. The Nightlords are decimated, they only have one player left on the pitch and Atrocitys Ghoul skips in to score their second TOUCHDOWN!! 2-0 Atrocity.

Atrocity Exhibition 2012/13 SUPERBOWL WINNERS


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