Friday, 5 April 2013

Birthday Loot Swag Goodies Etc....

Thanks for all the personal birthday messages and for my Blog Anniversary as well.

I didnt do too badly for my 42 year on this rock.

First up - Ludus Gladiatorius, a Pre-painted Gladiator game from EM4 miniatures. Very nice self contained set and a cracking little game. Another project now I will possibly be expanding on at Salute. I can feel a few more Gladiators coming, along with Lions etc...

The Hunger Games trilogy box set. I briefly saw this film but not all the way through and alot of people have said the books are good. Thats my nect couple of night shifts sorted anyway.

The Devils Disciples. Hitlers Inner circle documented. Really good book and will go along nicely with my SS/SA and Hitler book collection.

Knight Models Batman Miniature Games miniatures. I got Batman, a blister of Jokers Thugs (waiting on Joker starter set) Penguin Starter set and additional Penguin Thugs. Yet another shiney moment, but will try and make a start on the Penguin stuff soon.

Ancient Rome DVD and magazine boxset from the History Channel. Excellent to go along with my new Gladiator project. Look forward to watching this.
And last but no means least an experience day out. This is for our local Raptor Foundation (Owls etc..) which i absolutely adore. I get to spend the day meeting the birds, feeding them, a full tour of the facility and how it all runs (medical facilities for the birds, training regime, rescue programme etc..) and then I get to work and fly my own Hawk or Owl. I will be probably leaving this until later in the summer, so i can choose a decent warm day.

Overall a very nice birthday with a cracking coffee and walnut cake just to top it off!


  1. Pretty good haul mate! Glad you had a good one :D

  2. Good haul mate, should keep you busy for a while!
    Look forward to seeing all the minis eventually in action and wouldn't mind hearing about the day trip when you go, sound like it would be a great thing to do

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time and some good presents. You'll have to keep me informed about the Batman game and how that works.