Monday, 25 March 2013

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Asguard Marauders

Old World Conference Final - the unstoppable Undead Horde of Atrocity Exhibition against the Norsemen Pretenders to the crown Asguard Marauders.

The Atrocity where the obvious favourites to take the conference but the Marauders had quietly overtaken all comers this season and were a shock title conterder, especially as they had managed to hire the massive Yheti Icepelt Hammerblow for the game.

The teams took to the pitch in perfect Bloodbowl weather and as the scrying balls sweeped the howling crowds it seemed like there where more Atrocity fans (especially as a few Zombies in the south stand were muching down on some Norse Brains)

After the coin toss the Marauders allowed Atrocity to recieve, hoping that Icepelt could seriously hamstring their first half plans. The ball was kicked and it floated down on a gentle breeze and was quickly collected by a Ghoul. Atrocity slam into the Northmen and a Mummy clothlines Icepelt then piles on his prone form KO'ing the Yheti.

A Wight uppercuts a Werewolf on the line and gets a CAS, whilst Atrocity's other Wight Blitzes a Beserker and gets another CAS. The fans scream with perverted delight over the carnage so early in the game.

The Marauders try and maintain their defence but a Mummy Kills a Norse Catcher which is Raised as a Zombie and shuffles off to Atrocitys reserve box. A lone Norse Lineman draws on his Dauntlessness and hits a Mummy and Nuffle being the God he is we see the Mummy CAS'd, fortunately for Atrocity the Undead have a knack of regenerating and the Mummy shambles off to get a few more bandages!!

A Frenzied Werewolf gets a CAS on a Zombie, which again Regen's. The Ghouls camp down near the Marauders endzone, close to scoring but allowing their team-mates to rip apart the Norse for a while longer.

A Werewolf KO's a Zombie and a Mummy slams into a Marauder Lineman and gets a CAS. Just as the ref is about to blow for halftime, the Ghoul skips across the line to score TOUCHDOWN 1-0

Second Half and Atrocity kick, suddenly a Riot breaks out but is over so quickly it only held the game up for a moment. Icepelt back on the pitch after recoving from his KO Blitzes a Mummy but trips over some trailing bandages and ends up on the deck! The reanimated form of the once Star Skaven Gutter Runner Arcani Spark, throws a lucky swipe at a Werewolf and KO's the Norse Changling.

Icepelt smarting from embarrasment rises and Blitzes the Mummy again. Icepelt might be a Star Player but his Star is definately in decline as the Mummy defiantly resists his attack and actually smashes Icepelt and CAS's him instead. A Wight dodges through the Norse line and Blitzes the Marauders Thrower. A Ghoul then Leaps into collect the ball which has been loose on the pitch. A Norse Catcher unseen, Blitzes the Ghoul and knocks him down and the ball bounces free. The Marauders Thrower then dodges to collect. The Ghoul Jumps Up and Blitzes the Thrower and again the ball is knocked free. Atrocitys other Ghoul then collects to score TOUCHDOWN 2-0

With two thirds of the game gone the teams set up again and Atrocity kick High but the Marauders Thrower misses the catch. A Norse Catcher sprints down the line and the Thower moves into to take a Long Pass. The ball sails over Atrocitys line and straight into the waiting arms of a Mummy INTERCEPTION!!! with the Marauders crumbling defence the Mummy lumbers down the pitch, pushing himself those extra steps and scores right at the end of the game TOUCHDOWN 3-0


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