Monday, 11 March 2013

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Barak Varr Rebels

This match saw the Atrocity take on the Dwarven Rebels again but this time it was the Conference Semi Final.

Our gaming group has split the Bloodbowl league into two conference's, The Old World and the New World, the best teams make the conference final and the winners of each conference final then go onto the League Superbowl!!!

But first the Conference Semi-Final.

The weather was again perfect for a Bloodbowl match, Atrocity seemed to have a slight edge over the Dwarfs in baying fans and the local networks were all set up to broadcast what should be a damn good scrap...erm Bloodbowl game.

The Rebels set up their defence and kicked to the Atrocity who were suprised by a sudden Dwarf Blitz which crunched into a Wight who was too busy eying up a Banshee in the crowd! The Undead then started their merciless drive, with a Mummy KO'ing a Rebel Blocker straight away. Atrocity's Ghouls darted about the pitch, collecting the ball and passing it between them downfield.

The knocked down Wight feeling a bit peeved about being crunched in front of the delightful gaze of a Banshee stood up and Blitzed into a nearby Troll Slayer and gave him such a Serious Injury that it would be unlikely he would be returning to the game in the future, after the bedlam a few more Rebels players had been KO'd and Atrocitys Ghouls grind down the sidelines and score TOUCHDOWN 1-0 just on the stroke of halftime.

2nd Half and the disgruntled Dwarfs bring on a bloody Deathroller!!! Atrocity kick high and a Rebel Runner gets underneath the ball and collects. The Deathrolled steams into a pile of Zombies who's putrid body parts clogg up its Roller. The Rebels lose a Blocker after he is puched into the crowd but he manages to bash his way though to his reserves box.

An Atrocity Wight Blitzes another Blocker and gets a CAS and a pile of Zombies managed to knock the Deathroller over, gleefully moaning as the driver is bounced free and possibly could end up as Zombie Kibbles!!

The Rebels managed to push a Mummy out of the way who was blocking the flanks and pull of a pass action into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 1-1.

As the Rebels kick their portion of the fans cheer like mad appreciating that last move. Atrocity drive the ball and the crowd holds its breath (well those that do breath) as a Mummy piles on a Rebel player. as the Mummy stands a huge wet red stain is left where the Dwarf once was. The Ghouls free to use their agility due to the lack of Dwarfs on the pitch finally dance into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 2-1.

Atrocity win and roll forward to the Conference Final and a meeting with Norse!


  1. Great batrep, your narration of the games gets better and better!