Friday, 8 February 2013

Mongoose Publishing - Rogue Trooper Kickstarter

The new Rogue Trooper Kickstarter has begun. Rogue Trooper features a titanic clash between the Southers and the Norts, on a once paradise world, Nu-Earth. Years of war and the unrestricted use of chemical and biological weapons has resulted in the landscape being turned into a blighted ruin - but still the armies fight amidst the ruins and posioned air, each deploying more troops and secret weapons in a bid to win the strategically important planet.
You can download the first draft of the rulebook here This rulebook will always be free as a downloadable PDF, and will be constantly updated with the latest rules and models throughout the Kickstarter process and beyond.

Pledging for Rogue Trooper

In an effort to keep everything as simple as possible while allowing you to construct the armies you wish, most of the pledge levels are based around a number of 'sets.' Typically, a set will include a single squad of around 8 models, depending on their size and complexity. However, some of the really big and complex models, such as the large armoured vehicles, will count as two or more sets - this will be stated clearly for each set if they are unlocked by stretch goals and Mongoose will summarise all the sets available as they become unlocked, giving you a One-Stop Guide to the (hopefully) growing Rogue Trooper range.

Some of you may have noticed as well that the Blog Name has changed. I was going to save this until it's first anniversay but just couldnt resist doing it now.

Quick update:

Starter total achieved in under 3 hours!!!


  1. Now a backer! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Nice one Clint. Should end up with some cracking miniatures.