Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Tailslammers

Well we come to the final group stage match before the Semi Finals and Atrocity (who have already qualified) were against the Multi Trophy winning Tailslammers. A Skaven team of much renown that had been around for about four seasons and to date hosted the highest level player Arcani Spark, a legendary Gutter Runner that had been the target of many teams over the years and had also the highest bounty placed upon his head.

This extreamly fast and agile Runner although being very slight and even less armoured than his other team-mates had so far alluded all efforts to kill or maim him.

The teams set up in the nice weather and you could here the loud moans from the numerous undead fans in the stadium.

The Tailslammers although being a highly skilled team, had brought along Fezglitch, a rather unpleasant rat who had spent too much time in the Underworld Creepers socialising with Goblins and had picked up a nasty habit of bringing a ball and chain with him!

The teams set up and Atrocity kicked the ball. Atrocity's coach shouts that just in case, this half they could take an extra chance (Re-Roll) The Rats retrieve the ball and start their drive, the Rat Ogre quickly calls a blitz and slams into a Mummy. Using all his frenzied might the Rat Ogre managed to CAS the Mummy!! The Mummy being an ancient undead being is not easily taken out and regenerates to the reserves.

Atrocity respond and a Zombie puts the hurt on a poor Line-Rat causing a CAS. A Ghoul leaps over the line of defending Rats and puts a blitz on the Gutter Runner holding the ball. Another CAS and the ball pops free. Atrocitys second Ghoul moves in, collects the ball and tries a throw to a safe Zombie but fumbles the pass. Tailslammers Gutter Runners make plays all over the pitch and Atrocity's slow players just cant match them, leaving Arcani Spark to run in to score TOUCHDOWN 0-1.

After the restart Atrocity has a Zombie sent off for a sneaky foul on the Fezglitch but it was worth it to KO the ball swinging maniac (not that he was doing much damage) then a Mummy puts a blitz on the Rat Ogre and KO's him. The Ghouls run the ball and quickly equalise TOUCHDOWN 1-1. The teams set up again and the Rat Ogre who recovered straight away takes out a Zombie CAS who does not regenerate. Tailslammers Thrower moves into postion ready to pump a pass to the waiting runners but gets caught in the back field by marauding Ghouls who manage to blitz him, get the ball free and leap away to score just at the death of the first half TOUCHDOWN 2-1. Fezglitch sent off!

Second Half and the teams take to the pitch. The Rats realing from Atrocitys fast lethal comeback girded themsleves for a second half onslaught. The ball is kicked and the undead fans throw a rock into the Tailslammers lines. The rock bounces of the temple of a poor Gutter Runner and its taken off the pitch Badly Hurt.

Atrocitys Mummy on the line teams up with some Zombies and puts a Multiple Block on a few Line Rats and gets a CAS. A Zombie tries to foul Arcani Spark but only stuns him but is sent of in the process. More fouls see the Rat Ogre KO'd and a Mummy blitzes a Stormvermin and causes a CAS. Arcani Spark still stunned is again ganged up by hordes of Zombies and then Atrocitys Star Wight fouls him and KILLS him MWHAHAHAHAHAH the Tailslammers Apothacary had already used up his healing herbs on a previous Gutter Runner so Atrocitys Necromancer grinned evil like and raised the unfortunate Spark into a Zombie parody of the once Legendary Rat. Murmmers around the stadium turned to glorious howls as the fans realised the importance of that foul! the ABC wizarding network sent out arcane messages around the Old World pronoucing Sparks Death.

With only 3 Tailslammer players left on the pitch, Atrocitys Ghoul strolled into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 3-1.

The game ended with the undead jubilant and the Rats mouring their loss. With the experience of watching so many Gutter Runners and Ghouls dancing all over the pitch one of Atrocitys Mummys managed to learn how to Dodge and a zombie toughened up enough to manage Block.

So Atrocity nearly destroyed the Rats. I was initially concerned about this game as I wondered how I would contain 4 Blodging Gutter Runners and a Skilled up Skaven Thrower. Fortunately for me he scored first really quickly allowing me time to equalise and then I managed to get a hit and a lucky break for the turnover score.

The second half was just me being evil as I had eight turns to ruin him as I did not really need to score again, just stop him managing to recover the ball.

Bring on the SEMI-FINALS!!!


  1. Great Batrep, Your teams seems to be doing really well!!

    1. I have been really lucky. Unbeaten with mostly wins and only 2 draws.