Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcome back to Warmachine

Well its a few days into January and I have just finally finished my long stint of 12 hour shifts all over New Year (well I did have all Christmas off) so Happy New Year to everyone.

As its the New Year and I have updated my project list for 2013, I thought I would make a start straight away on a game I used to play - Warmachine!

I started playing this way back for the first couple of years it was released and began with the Cygnar Faction starter which included the Warcaster Colman Stryker and Ironclad, Lancer and Charger Warjacks.

After the local club on my Military base folded I pretty much mothballed my stuff, but at Christmas I was gifted a Warmachine Mk2 collection of books, so yet again I will don the colours of the Golden Swan, roll out my Jacks and play like I have a pair (and most probably get ground into the dust looking at all the new uber toys I still have to buy)

As you can see by the pictures, my Xmas haul of books included Warmachine Prime Mk2 Rule Book. Warmachine Forces of Cygnar and Warmachine Wrath. Wrath was the first expansion for the Mk2 ruleset and includes new units/solos and best of all new Battle Engines.

The Cygnar Engine is a Storm Strider as illustrated on the front cover. This massive walker houses a huge storm chamber, spitting out crackling electro death to Cygnars enemies.

I have just ordered the new book Warmachine Collosal and should have this shortly although I will have to wait to actually buy one of these £80 odd monsters!!!

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  1. Sounds good, i've never played it but admire the miniatures they look very nice.

    Happy New Year Sir!